Used to do this quite often last time when I was very free to surf all the weird and wonderful links on fb.
Have been having trouble sleeping recently so here’s what I have been reading (in addition to watching Sens. Warren and Sander’s videos on fb)

1. This gecko sheds his scales to get away from predators – why, I’m not sure how it helps. Oh, apparently its predators grab onto it via its scales, so it’s akin to criminals shedding their coats when they are grabbed by law enforcement officials. They also have some freaking humongous scales! More like a pangolin than a gecko.

2. New Yorker mockery of hygge

I sit under a thick, lumpy blanket with my new book about hygge and light the “cabin-scented” candle I got from my office Secret Santa, Gail. Is this hygge?

The candle smells more like new rain boots than like a cozy cabin, so I put it out, cupping my hand around the flame and blowing slowly, savoring this moment of domestic defeat. I pull on another pair of socks. I think this is hygge.


My hygge book doesn’t say anything about not looking at screens, but it feels implied. I should Google it.

I open a fifteenth tab about Laura Linney. I don’t know how I got here, but I embrace the journey.

I love Laura Linney too! Especially her accent.

3. And since I am really missing the chowder at Skipjacks, I suppose I should try Kenji’s New England Clam Chowder recipe pretty soon. It’s just not the same as Seattle clam chowder, as our recent visit back to New York confirmed.


4. Why yes I would like a greasy soulless valentine’s day menu. Screw the champagne and the chocolate covered strawberries, those pepperoni garlic knots are definitely what we’re going to do.

5. On Republicans silencing my favorite senator and well, now everybody’s gonna hear about Coretta Scott King’s letter. I gotta say though, with Betsy Devos being confirmed I can’t help but be convinced that majority of the senate republicans are a bunch of wusses with little to no regard for the competencies and ethics of the people they are handing influence on a platter.

6. China’s oldest newborn teenager – well the jury’s still out on having children but it’s nice to know technology allows you to do it when you’re in the middle of a mid-life crisis.

7. Sherlock Holmes and the Massacre at Bowling Green. Well. The title speaks for itself :P

He handed me a dusty photograph featuring a rather tall man reminiscent of the orangutan in “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” and a blond woman with a somewhat vacuous expression.

“Is she on the left?” I asked, peering at the crumpled image.

“The far right,” responded Holmes. “Oh, you mean in the photograph. Yes, that’s her.”


“What was it that she said again?”

“ ‘I bet it’s brand new information to people that President Obama had a six-month ban on the Iraqi-refugee program after two Iraqis came here to this country, were radicalized, and were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre. Most people don’t know that because it didn’t get covered.’ ”

“Goodness. She’s not a very eloquent speaker, is she?”

“My dear Watson, the woman just witnessed a horrifying event all by herself. Of course her words were not so well selected. She is obviously in shock.”

lolol this story is gold everyone has to read it.

8. Kenji’s recipe for extra flaky scallion pancakes, since I have not had any good ones here yet. The hot water dough sounds easy enough to make, and I thought it was cute how he got inspiration from Yan can cook. We all used to watch that as children in sg! I think it was on free-to-air. There’s no telling what you pick up from your upbringing that will psychologically impact the way you cook and live.

9. In which the internetz discusses Obama’s snapback fashion choices and the reality that he’s not coming back

10. Long-ish NYer article about losing things. Very me.


Christmas presents!

Had the guys over for some Bahamian food the other day – since I wanted to try the jerk spice mix we brought back from Genuinely Bahamian.Turns out, it’s insanely difficult to find pigeon peas here – we drove to three different supermarkets (asian/hispanic) – the first two didn’t have them – just a lot of pintos, black eyed peas, regular peas, lentils, etc. Finally I called up Mendoza’s Mercado (this tiny hole in the wall on Aurora St) and the shopowner told me he had them! Should have started with him. I don’t know how popular pigeon peas are among mexicans, all I know is it’s a Bahamian peas and rice thing, and I wanted to make a super peas and rice just like the one at Lukka Kairi (failed, btw) which of course wouldn’t be the same without pigeon peas.


ZH came at 6:15pm and GGY gave me an eta of 7:30pm, so I started frying the battered bananas at 7:15pm. He was 10 minutes late! Then he waltzed in and said in his typical sing-songy way
“Hello everybody!”
“Traffic bad?”
“No, traffic was GREAT.” (he’s not being sarcastic. ggy is just not a very sarcastic person)
“lol you don’t have to be so honest you know..”
“There were NO cars on the road.”
“Then how come you were late?”
“I left late.”
lol. No shame, this one.

We got so many presents! It’s so fun to have friends lol. ZH gave us a double sided(?) hotpot! Since he knew we didn’t have one. Now we can have hotpot parties. Tbh I’m not a super big hotpot person but I do like Japanese odens and Korean soon dobu jigaes and if I ever have a good superior stock recipe down then I think I would like hotpot. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense in super hot and humid Singapore so I never had it growing up, at least not in a restaurant? It was always homemade in my grandma’s house at CNY or something and so I always associated it with sweatiness and a general zomg-you-mean-I-have-to-cook-it-myself?!? kinda vibe. That said, I think it makes quite a bit of sense here and we’ve already got a few soup bases to toy around with.

Then GGY produced a present each for me and LZ! Totally unexpected. We got him a present of course, his birthday was just after christmas and we hadn’t seen him since then. I got a nice bottle of pilot iroshizuku ink in mountain grape color. It matches the rest of my ink perfectly! Time to write some nice letters.


Z got a mechanical pencil, which GGY calls his favourite mechanical pencil lol. The funny thing is, Z got TWO of those mechanical pencils for his birthday in October from the same person, one in black and one in silver. The tip sorta rotates a bit so a sharp edge never forms with the lead. The packages came from Amazon prime and the card said “Happy birthday LZ! From: LZ” and we had NO idea who sent it. Asked around several people, including ggy, and we even made him double confirm “you sure you didn’t send it?” In the end it was SL who sent it, and then the note made sense, because who knows what Jaws is reading out to her when she’s filling in the form for the birthday note on Amazon? She’s visually impaired so filling in things like that would be trickier for her. But apparently our implanting the idea of giving Z a mechanical pencil in GGY’s mind was so powerful that he really went and got him one for christmas. We’re never talking about pencils again. Next time we talk, it’ll be all about ferraris.


We got ZH a little autobridge game from the Downtown Antique Shop in Nashville (where you play bridge with yourself) and I repapered the cover, as with most games you get in an antique shop, the cover can be quite cui. Of course you lose a little of the vintage feel, but I wanted him to feel like it was a present rather than a random piece of junk lol. Now the cover looks as good as LZ’s go set (I used the same pattern of Nepali paper)

No automatic alt text available.

For ggy we went to the Bean & Bailey workshop in Chattanooga to get him the little faceted salt bowls we saw in Portland and absolutely adored. Wrapped it in a rum cake box to throw him off the scent (well, rum cake is quite a plausible present since we did just come back from the Bahamas but is not as satisfying as those little salt bowls.) He loved them :)

We got him orange, purple, and grey, all in light pastels.

And seconds in cobalt, teal grey, and dark grey for ourselves. These were half price because they were color tests. They don’t actually produce pieces in these colors.

All in all, a rather nice belated christmas celebration :) Would be better if I had made the salted egg yolk cookies in time for ggy to bring back to sg but I am still recovering from the bout of fever and sore throat contracted while in Nashville (we suspect it was the Nashville hot chicken that did my throat in) so have been feeling very listless and not-wanting-to-do-anything-useful. Also my legs are covered ALL OVER in mosquito bite scabs. Or perhaps they were sand flies, one can never tell. I’m not very good at not scratching either. It looks like my legs right after I got back from OBS. Hopefully it goes away at some point! This would be a perfect time for a nice oppa to suddenly appear with a packet of anti-scarring lotion wrapped in a white paper bag from a korean pharmacy. Ah, one can only dream.

23 December 2016 – Snorkeling on Rose Island

Went snorkeling today!!! On the huge reef at Rose Island. There were about 3 private charter boats there too, so you know that place is really worth snorkeling. We paid about $84 each (with a promo code) for the Sandy Toes tour which included a buffet lunch and a boat ride to and from Rose Island from the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal.

Everything on Paradise Island is overpriced, including parking. Like we frequently manage to park for free in downtown Nassau, things are pretty badly regulated and unmonetized there. The Atlantis employee parking garage costs someting like $17 for a full day of parking, which I suppose is not unreasonable. But we found the lot opposite RIU that cost only $5/day and felt pretty damn smug about that.

The snorkeling was amazing, and the snorkels we got from Amazon are amazing! You can literally stay face down on the water indefinitely quite comfortably! We went in with just our prescription goggles and the snorkel, no fins or like snorkel mask or life jacket. Swallowed a hell lotta salt water but it was totally worth it. The two best fish of the day we saw was the grey angelfish and the queen triggerfish, which can apparently change its color depending on its mood and how much it feels aggressed. It’s one of the largest triggerfishes that one is unlikely to see in a marine aquarium because it’s also highly aggressive and eats almost everything else.

Its diet consists of invertebrates. In aquariums shrimp, squid, clams, octopus, scallops, and crab are all good choices of food.

According to wikipedia. I also want to be a queen triggerfish. Man, we had such good lotus root flour battered calamari at Saigon Kitchen the other day.

The pictures were… not great because we were shooting blind. All the refraction from the water to the camera case ensured pretty much that I couldn’t see what I was shooting, so I just aimed randomly. Will add some to the post if and when they get uploaded.

Oh yeah the woman at the parking garage told us “You have a beautiful family” lol. I think they think maybe Chris and Rich adopted us. Are most people who travel to Nassau in families? Or is it being in the same car that makes you a family? In which case I am families with very many people. This reminds me of Shim Cheong’s misconception about marriage way back in episode 3 or 4 of Legends. Anyway yesterday Chris almost gained a new husband, today she gained a son. The tour guide on the boat to Rose Island told everyone else on the boat (there were about 50 of us) that Chris was his mother. He was named Chris too, so he told the whole boat she named him after herself :P And he was Bahamian, so his skin tone was quite a few shades darker. He looked at her and told everyone “it took me ten years of giving this tour under the hot sun to look like this” lol. Then she introduced him to his sister (me), who is a totally different color altogether and told him “as you can see, I have an errant past!” lol. He gave me a hug and it was so cute we should have taken a “family” pic.

While we we were snorkeling, the other guide, JU, handed me a huge orange starfish the size of a neck pillow. I shot a few pics of it in his hand and later tried to pass it to Z so I could shoot Z holding it. At the same time JU was swimming to Z to pass him a smaller starfish to see and Z kept signalling “no no no” in the water because he was frightened (of the both of us handing him the starfish). I heard JU snort in laughter beneath his mask and then he surfaced and gave a real loud belly laugh. “He’s scary! A scary cat!” (He meant scaredy lol but maybe their accent makes it come out as ‘scary’) “Who’s scared of a starfish?? A starfish ain’t no gonna bitechu?!?!” lol! Then he told everyone on the boat Z was afraid of a starfish lololol I was so amused. Z was not and said we were both mean people hahah.

22 December 2016 – Food tour

Since I am quite behind on my journalling I am going to put some key highlights here to help my foggy memory later:

Today the Carl’s Jr wait staff mistook me for Chris’ daughter and she was so pleased :P She asked the waitress for the order number and the waitress told her “I gave it to your daughter” and she raised her eyebrows and was SO happy when she was telling us all about it.  I told her I must be starting to look more and more like her :P

We managed to get the car exchanged today for an even older one (same model – Suzuki Swift), but one whose door locks and internal light works. The hood of the car has had its paint scuffed off in two places, so when we got out of the Carl’s Jr, Rich tapped the “bald” spots and said “This car is new. It doesn’t even have paint on yet.” in his wry, Rich-y way that is so adorable.

We told them about how we used to sneak Carl’s Jr burgers into the cinema in empty popcorn boxes and they had a good laugh. Also about how all the Carl’s Jr in Singapore are all in very central areas and does good business, even though if I had a choice the first fast food chains I would be bringing in would be more like Chick Fil-A or In-and-Out. Chris said looking at the Carl’s Jr logo it’s likely under the same family as Hardee’s and she’s totally right! I just looked it up! They have the same star and the same font.

Chris found a piece of coral and a piece of sponge on Love Beach today and said she was gonna make it into a necklace. I took them and used them to scare Ze and Rich had a good laugh. Chris said “Yes. A highly revered army lieutenant, scared of coral..” :P we’re gonna have a good time snorkeling tomorrow. Z tested the snorkels and verified that they didn’t let water in.

My phone died after being submerged in the sea water and Z tried to take a pic. So much for the rubber seal. Give me a break. The funniest part is we intentionally put it in the water to see if it could take photos. Lame shit.

Ooh, we went to John Watling’s Distillery and had a hilarious tour by the tour guide. Apparently John Watling was a pirate (not a distiller) and he was killed by a gunshot to the liver. So they named the rum distillery after him because “if you drink too much rum, it shoots straight to your liver and you die.” That’s such a great reason to name something after someone!

Chris also got proposed to today by the owner of the Rum cake shop. She went in, wanted to know something about the production process and the owner (a British guy, it seems) said it was highly secretive and he spent a long time fine tuning it. “If you want in on the secret you’d have to marry me. How about it?”
“Is there any other way to find out?”
“It all depends. How keen are you? I’m old, I’m broke, and I am quite frequently grumpy.”
Old people flirting are SO cute. gosh. She’s so good at talking to anyone and everyone, even the people beside her on the plane to Nassau, she talked to them the entire plane ride.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping

Z says I need to confess and atone for my sins :P So here is a comprehensive list of what I bought over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Bear in mind that many sales started Thanksgiving week and even the week before so this is certainly not over a span of 2 days. I am not crazy.

Pottery Barn:
– Fluffy faux fur house slippers ($16.17)

– Two bathrobes – pink chamois S/M for myself and navy blue waffle weave M with white piping and monogram for his christmas present ($146.31). We were intending to purchase a pine cone hill bathrobe in stormy grey (which would have set us back about $70+ after discounts) so this is alright. Will return the pink if it does not fit or look nice since it is unmonogrammed.

Michaels ($39.70):
Too many to list. Off the top of my head,
– Copper foil 8″ x 10″ frameables. Figured these would make good birthday/housewarming gifts after putting them in a nice wood frame from Target. And there are like 40 of them in the pack!

– A peacock blue and a blue-green gold foil notebook

– Sticky notes ($2.79)

– White 12″ x 12″ paper ($2.99)

– 12″ x 6″ speedball carving rubber ($7.20 after 60% off for Michaels Rewards members!) for making more stamps.
– A stack of 8.5″ x 11″ pastel hued paper for $2.

– A stack of christmassy blue, white, and copper washi tape for $7.49

– Buckles for Z’s kayak
Most of these were 50% off

L’Occitane ($28.50):
– L’Arlesienne Voyage set – Eau de toilette, hand cream, lip balm – 40% off the OP.


Thymes ($35.51):
10% for new email signups (so no BF deals per se), and a free set of 12 sample body lotions with every $25 purchase. Also, free shipping with $25 purchase. I then got a 10% discount coupon with the sample pack, which I am unlikely to use.
– Mirabelle plum lip gloss and lip scrub set
– Rosewood Citron handwash

– And of course 15 free samples :P


Memebox ($36.50):
– Free shipping for orders $35+ haha. I am a god at gaming this free shipping thing). Got $5.50 off with a 10% discount code and redeemed memepoints for $13 for a total discount of $18.50!
– I missed the Black Friday deals because I wasn’t really camping out there. Not that interested in their Vault boxes which are freaking expensive. I am a rather half-hearted make up user and am the sort to buy novelty things and practical things rather than adventurously trying out anything.
– April Skin Magic Stone face soap ($6). This is what we’ve been using for the last half a yr and Z really likes it, so I got two.

– Lemon sparkling peeling gel ($5) – just tried it, it works amazingly!! The dead skin comes right off

– Babyface pore powder ($5)

– I’m matte lip crayon in Joy ($9)
– Snowflake whipping cleanser with free marshmallow whip maker ($11)


– Etude House Bubble Tea sleeping pack ($13)

Book Depository ($96.42):
– They gave me a 10% discount off all stock, not sure what for. So I went on a book buying spree!
– The Ladybird book of Mindfulness
– How it Works: The Husband
– The Ladybird book of the Hipster
– How it Works: The Mum
– How it Works: The Cat

– Sushi: Jiro Gastronomy – Got this for $7.14! Most proud of this purchase. It still retails for $14.99 on Amazon
– Fire and Ice: Classic Nordic Cooking ($24.22)

– Letters of Note: Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience (15.63)

– Five go Gluten-Free
– Five on Brexit Island
– Five go Parenting

I rather think that’s an insane number of books for <$100!

Barnes & Noble ($32.10):
– Hide and Seek at 30% off the OP

– Used their holiday book $10 off $25 for books on Kenji’s The Food Lab. So it was $17.47 (I hate Washington state tax) for what retails for like SGD 85 in Kinokuniya D:

University Book Store ($87.64):
25% off everything (that I buy.. they had exceptions on textbooks and calculators lol)
– Hello Kitty Moleskine for Charlotte’s next birthday ($14.96)
– Mission Fig Mistral bar soap ($7.56)

– A nice little rose papered briefcase that now contains all my rolls of washi tape ($7.46)


– Two cloth bound, hard cover breton striped notebooks at $4.50 each

– Two greeting cards

– Pusheen in christmas holly (already given to JE)

– Book of nonsense ($11.21)

– Teresa Collins fierce ink pad ($12.71)

City People’s Mercantile ($71.66):
– 20% off everything because of Small Business Saturday!
– Heather cloth bound notebook with copper foil and elastic band. Going to use this for our winter break travel journal! ($9.99)
– Roger la borde blue patterned notebook with blue edging ($10.99)

– Bicycle pattern lunch bag

– Green patterned salad plate with blue lining ($5.99)
– Cloud spotting notebook (Z’s second christmas present)

– Holiday back scratcher with cute icicle pattern ($4.99)

– Party cups with gold foil fir design

– 2 wedding cards (no upcoming weddings in particular, but good to have for a rainy day.)
– Christmas gift tags in red and green watercolor ($2.50)

– Two 8×8 photobooks with 45 pages each. See the mock up here.
– Additional 25 pages each, added a matte cover at $5 each.
– Total: $57.79. Which is a steal!

– Had a free 8″x8″ photobook from Discover, and there was a 50% off any order over $99, which includes discounts on additional pages, matte covers, and story telling elements.
– A free 8.5″ x 11″ wall calendar. Had to pay shipping at $7.99


– 10 free christmas 5″x7″ copper foiled christmas cards, had to pay shipping. Realized I could have combined this with the photobooks and not have to pay a single cent for them. Lame.

– Also ordered a 5″x7″ print from them of Chris and me that I was gonna put up in my house but realized she might like it haha. So I’m probably gonna give it to her.
– The last three items were $18.20 because I stupidly did not combine the free holiday cards with the photobooks.

– Two 8oz canisters of their lavender sage tea for $72. Each canister typically retails for $45? Why is their tea so expensive T-T
– One for Chris and one for me :D

PopSugar ($71.14):
– Their December Must Have box ($34.95). Only got this because their spoilers showed a reallllly nice Odeme catchall and ring dish which retails for $67!
– A cosmetics/fashion “mystery box” which actually just means “leftovers” box where they try to clear previous stock from Must Have boxes that didn’t sell. Still, the value was pretty good at $29.95 for what would otherwise cost $250.

YesStyle ($41.70):
– 15% off purchases of $49+ so I actually managed to make my cart out to $49.06. Lol.

– Polka dot navy blue weekender

– Black pajamas with baby pink piping
– White plaid scarf in preparation for our trip to Ithaca
– Eos shimmery lip balm

– Mini christmas tree ($14.99)

– 2017 calendar in copper foil on a clipboard ($3)
– Menu easel for EK
– Gold foil hello notecards ($3)

Paper Source:
– They had a 20% off flash sale and their shipping is so expensive T-T so I rushed down to the Uvillage one right before dinner with ZH lol.
– Mini vacuum – world’s tiniest vacuum ($11.96)! Was thinking of getting it for GGY’s birthday or something :P Maybe next year.

– A grey leather bookmark with gold foil and embossing ($7.16)
– Pink watercolor notebook with gold foil edging ($10.36)


– A fairy light lamp for the dining table ($11.96)

– An ecru leather notebook with bee in gold foil ($10.36)

– Botanicals rifle paper Co. writing paper ($11.96)

Urban Outfitters:
– Macaron rose lip balm ($6)
– The Matcha hand cream ($8), large enough to last the entire trip, small enough volume to go on a plane. And in such a nice paint tube!

The packaging was just so minimal I couldn’t help myself!

– Two classic letter sets in blush and cream:


– Library of flowers travel kit in Linden
– 8″x10″ spring watercolor print

Total damage: $795.01

No shopping for me for awhile! Also I am going to cook quite a bit to make up for all of this lol. This is like 16 meals at Din Tai Fung.


While I spend several posts going over the stupid things people say on facebook, I thought it would be worthwhile to highlight one intelligent comment R made today, which is especially pertinent for many of my friends who love to share articles that advocate for certain lifestyles or modes of governance.

In an age of social media disinformation can we please point out inaccuracies where we see them and not just blithely share articles? Gives them the imprimatur of legitimacy especially when someone who should be in the know about these things doesn’t say anything.

It takes a lot more effort to filter the things you share comprehensively, and most of my smarter (and more diligent) friends tend to not share anything altogether because they want to share responsibly and only give the full picture instead of propagating any particular bias. The article in question was a Fox News article on ditching Obamacare.

Recently I called out my own MIL (privately, of course), for sharing this other article on being early for things. She adores punctuality in general and very much prefers it when people are early. Z has this aunt XX however who is always late for things (she’s my favourite aunt haha). I am somewhat ambivalent but I do hate it when people are unapologetically and dramatically late (like say 30 mins – 2 hrs) because they subconsciously send the message that their time is more important than yours. So one day while we were driving someplace Z’s mum actually remarked “XX is always late. I don’t understand how she still has so many friends.” and I was utterly shocked at that ridiculous statement. Hands up all of you who make friends with other people because of punctuality. Wow. Just trying to give context as to how obsessive she is with this, to the extent that she even posts articles like the one above encouraging people to be early to things.

I don’t normally read stuff she shares (or any sort of moralizing type article) on fb because they are 1. uneducational, 2. have low entertainment value but I was checking her feed because she complained that they made the font bigger for one of her status updates (and she dislikes attention being directed to her in any overt way).

I disliked the article she shared because the writer was so obviously self-righteous about being early to things (“To my knowledge, none of my blood relations has ever missed a plane.” lol. Z says she must be indirectly sniping her husband/wife) and also seems to utilize her punctuality as a way to assert dominance – “Being early makes you feel in control — or makes others think you are in control, which is the next best thing.” It would be one thing if she wrote that it makes herself feel as if she is in control, which is fine and good, but when you advocate being early for things so that you can play mind games with people? That would be okay for perhaps many other people but certainly NOT a pastor’s wife.

Other choice gobbets:

But my favourite lesson from Lunch with the FT cuttings comes from Stephen Green, then head of HSBC. He turned up three minutes early for the meeting and apologised for being late. This is a stroke of genius. It forces the other person, who had been occupying the moral high ground by dint of getting there even earlier, to pull out his watch and protest that, on the contrary, the new arrival is early too.

The writer is batshit crazy! She’s got some serious neuroses going on! I mean, can’t you at least read through the entire article before sharing it? It actually says

(Being early) gives you the moral high ground. If you arrive first at a meeting, not only do you choose where to sit, you are also in a position to lord it over those arriving later.

So my question to her was – do you actually lord it over other people just because you are early to something? Are you advocating that people who are early get to lord it over other people? Simisai moral highground. What a crock.

So that was one example of an article being blithely shared, without the sharer reading through it herself or fully understanding all its implications. I expect any educated person who shares articles to at least read through them and make sure it makes sense. Most people, I wouldn’t bother calling out but my MIL has got a perfectly fine education and is not stupid. I told her she should write her own opinions clearly instead of just hiding behind some article that only roughly (and very tangentially) shares the same opinions as her. The only reason she expresses herself badly is because she doesn’t express herself enough to have had any practice at all.

Just to be clear, I have nothing against fluffy silly articles being shared, I glory in Buzzfeed listicles and all the Shanghaiist and George Takei fluff :P But those aren’t (overtly) trying to change people for the better or anything. If you are trying to get me (or anyone else) to change their lifestyle or decision-making algorithms then you’d better have some strong arguments going for you instead of anecdotal bs like

Earliness is the defining characteristic of my entire family. Both my parents were wildly early for everything. All three of their children and all 10 grandchildren — even when in the throes of assorted teenage phases — could always be relied upon to pitch up with bags of time to spare for any given occasion.

Cut it out with the self-righteousness already. So you were early to your appointment today?

come i clap for you - come i clap for you  Misc

The Worst Has Finally Happened

I sliced off the tip of my ring finger while trying to make very thin lunes of onion for my cabbage-scallop-oden braise. I had 3 guests coming over for dinner, it wasn’t the knife’s fault at all, I had just sharpened it on my wet japanese whetstone last week. It was the onion that slipped, and made the knife slice off the tip of my finger. It was megagross! LZ wanted to bring me to the emergency room but I really didnt want to go (oh yes, this is being typed entirely with my right hand so i will be eschewing things like apostrophes and good grammar) because im afraid of doctors, shots, stitches, the whole shebang. i dont mean in a hick way, of course id go if it were urgent. but i needed to feed 5 people tonight and my chicken was in the oven. lz had a look around the onions and found the piece that came off – sorry if this is grossing anybody out. it was a disk about 6mm in diameter and 2mm in thickness, nothing so bad, but the blood was really pouring. compressed it with a clean (i hope) kitchen towel, which did stave the bleeding, but I left it there for nearly 1.5 hrs while lz finished his dinner (with the company) which meant that the paper towel freaking annealed to the open wound and i had to rip it off. he managed to get some antiseptic ointment and non adhesive dressing and ripping the kitchen towel off was. quite the experience. we did of course call the school clinic to get advice about whether i should forget about the dinner party and go directly to the ER but (after being redirected 3 times) the nurse said we could just treat it at home and gave us instructions as to what to buy and what to do.

i really need to rethink my onion luning technique. I have cut that shape many times (particularly for japanese dishes such as yakitori don and oyakodon) but obviously balancing a wedge of onion on its edge while slicing it is sheer madness. i guess i probably was lucky the last 10000 times.