The Worst Has Finally Happened

I sliced off the tip of my ring finger while trying to make very thin lunes of onion for my cabbage-scallop-oden braise. I had 3 guests coming over for dinner, it wasn’t the knife’s fault at all, I had just sharpened it on my wet japanese whetstone last week. It was the onion that slipped, and made the knife slice off the tip of my finger. It was megagross! LZ wanted to bring me to the emergency room but I really didnt want to go (oh yes, this is being typed entirely with my right hand so i will be eschewing things like apostrophes and good grammar) because im afraid of doctors, shots, stitches, the whole shebang. i dont mean in a hick way, of course id go if it were urgent. but i needed to feed 5 people tonight and my chicken was in the oven. lz had a look around the onions and found the piece that came off – sorry if this is grossing anybody out. it was a disk about 6mm in diameter and 2mm in thickness, nothing so bad, but the blood was really pouring. compressed it with a clean (i hope) kitchen towel, which did stave the bleeding, but I left it there for nearly 1.5 hrs while lz finished his dinner (with the company) which meant that the paper towel freaking annealed to the open wound and i had to rip it off. he managed to get some antiseptic ointment and non adhesive dressing and ripping the kitchen towel off was. quite the experience. we did of course call the school clinic to get advice about whether i should forget about the dinner party and go directly to the ER but (after being redirected 3 times) the nurse said we could just treat it at home and gave us instructions as to what to buy and what to do.

i really need to rethink my onion luning technique. I have cut that shape many times (particularly for japanese dishes such as yakitori don and oyakodon) but obviously balancing a wedge of onion on its edge while slicing it is sheer madness. i guess i probably was lucky the last 10000 times.

Why do people dress up when they go to the airport?

I can understand if you are meeting your spouse for the first time in a year or something, but other than that who else is there to impress? all the other important business-y people coming off the planes?

i always wear whatever i like to the airport. the last time around it was shorts and a shirt. there were some people clustered around me liangze and one isolate clustered around me and nobody could tell who was being sent off lol. and everyone commented on it. “wa, you’re dressed very comfortably ah?” as a euphemism for “what are you thinking??” if you were taking a flight (a long haul one at that), wouldn’t you want to be your most comfortable on it? screw what everyone else thinks (as is a major component of my life philosophy), i’m taking my flip flops and my home clothes.

this worries my mum greatly. she thinks i’m throwing her face everywhere (to borrow a chinese expression) because i like wearing my home clothes so much. i wear it to school and can safely say i am the worst dressed person on most trains here :P. it’s one thing wearing your home clothes or PJs to cornell where most of the population consists of students as laissez faire as you, and quite another wearing it to school in the city where everyone is in heels and pant or dresses and mascara you couldn’t chisel off.

I do intend to do some clothes shopping soon, but am worried about lugging all my shoes and clothes around when i’m travelling back to the states, especially since we’re considering a multi-leg train trip working our way west through europe before flying back to new york :/

Selfish cell phone

I need one of these. What’s taking everyone so long to invent one?

This holidays I have been more successful at weeding out people I don’t want to hang out with. As a cornell prof once told me, one shld become happier with age. Older people care less about doing what is politically correct, about being polite, and given the short time they have left they feel that they shldn’t waste it hanging out with people who push their buttons. Nobody challenges their social gaffes and they no longer care about being liked. As a consequence they only consort with people who contribute to their overall happiness. Immensely practical. I’ve stopped caring about being liked for quite a while now and have often considered it the other party’s loss if we stopped hanging out aka if i excommunicate him/her from my social circle. it still puzzles me why most people try to be liked by everybody. It seems to me that even if I cared at all about people liking me, surely it would only matter if the people i liked like me back, and the people i dislike can just bite me.

I’ve discovered recently that I can watch three movies a day without being a total couch potato. Supposing each movie was 2 hours long, you can fit in 6 hrs for the movies, 8 hrs for sleep, and have a whopping 10 hrs left over to do whatever junk you want. Like baking. Or biking. It’s really not as unhealthy as it sounds. Just that most people waste time working, or travelling around singapore, or waffling about what they should do next, and I stay at home and enjoy my snap decisions.

I’ve also discovered that I’m very good at rationalizing everything. :)


Have been reading mr brown (for the first time!) (since my sole lesson today got cancelled due to the snow) and he keeps talking about the budget’s growth dividends. I have never received any such dividends in my life! The $600 couldn’t hurt when i go back and have no summer job and no money.

But why are such payouts labelled as carrots? i’ve personally never taken to carrots. i figure they are supposed to act as a bribe but carrots are awful! which part of a carrot is bribe-worthy?
who was the original recipient when the phrase “dangle a carrot” was first coined?

i’ve also heard that they are scrapping the tv and radio license. good on them! finally realised what worthless tosh they have been screening and that they should be the ones to pay us for watching tv as opposed to the other way round. guess mediacorp cottoned on after singaporeans discovered so many more options on the internet, local dramas (all soap operas) are appealing to an increasingly diminishing demographic (housewives who need something to occupy their mind while doing chores (such as ironing) that their husbands refuse to take responsibility for).

Armpit hair

How does armpit hair grow?
Does it appear slowly, say one strand per week, or is it the sort of thing where one day it’s not, and then the next it’s all there? You go to sleep with nothing and you wake up with weird stuff sprouting out from your armpits?

I ask because I don’t have any. And I don’t quite know why.

It’s the only weird thing I have. I can’t do anything fancy with my tongue like Daniel Radcliffe can.

** added a new category for life’s unanswerable questions.