Fish log

Here is a log of the wish we saw while snorkelling the last 9 days:

Our underwater camera case gave out on Keawakapu beach (on our second day) so we quickly bought a rugged point and shoot camera from Target on Maui. I love big box stores! They make human oversights and mistakes so much less financially punitive.

Butterfly fish

Melon butterflyfish (Malolo, Honolua)

Ornate butterflyfish (Malolo, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Long nose butterflyfish or forcepsfish (Honolua)

Multiband butterflyfish (Honolua)

Teardrop butterflyfish (Malolo, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Four spot butterflyfish (Malolo, Palauea, Keawakapu)

Raccoon butterflyfish (Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Threadfin butterflyfish (Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Acanturidae – Surgeonfish, triggerfish, tangs

Yellow tang (Malolo)

Pink tail triggerfish (Malolo)

Orange spine unicornfish (Malolo, Palauea, Keawakapu, Kapalua, Honolua)

Black Durgon (Malolo, Honolua)

Convict surgeonfish (Palauea)

Wedgetail triggerfish (Hawaii’s state fish) (Malolo, Palauea, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Blue spine unicornfish (Malolo, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Kole Tang

Eyestripe surgeonfish

Brown surgeonfish (the one in the top left corner) (Malolo, Palauea, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Lei triggerfish (Malolo)


Yellowfin goatfish (Palauea, Kapalua)

Manybar goatfish (Palauea, Keawakapu)

Yellow stripe goatfish (Malolo, Palauea, Kapalua)

White saddle goatfish


Five stripe wrasse (Kapalua)

Christmas wrasse (Keawakapu)

Saddle wrasse (Malolo, Palauea, Keawakapu, Kapalua) (endemic)

Bird wrasse (Malolo, Honolua)


Black tail snapper

Blue stripe snapper (Honolua)

Sergeant fish

Hawaiian Sergeant (Malolo, Palauea, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Blackspot sergeant (Honolua)

Puffers and boxfish

Spotted boxfish (Kapalua, Honolua)

Stripe belly puffer (Kapalua)

Hawaiian white spotted puffer – this little guy was like an inch across! (Malolo, Keawakapu)

Long fish

Trumpetfish (Malolo, Honolua)

Cornetfish (Keawakapu, Malolo, Kapalua)


Stareye parrotfish (female)

Ember parrotfish (Malolo, Honolua)


Hawaiian dascyllus (endemic)

Peacock grouper (Malolo, Kapalua, Honolua)

Hawaiian Lizardfish (Honolua)

Blackside hawkfish

Gray chub/brassy chub (Honolua)

Moorish Idol (Kapalua)

Black sea cucumber (Kapalua)

Green sea turtle (Malolo, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Barred filefish (Keawakapu, Kapalua, Honolua)

Bluefin trevally (Palauea, Honolua)


Unknown – any help ID-ing appreciated (Malolo)

Total: 50 species spotted. Not pictured: Moray eel at Keawakapu beach the day our camera case gave out and that I could not find again.

Times Most Influential People

Hilarious example of computer grading feedback. I should like to see an automated grader one day, especially for CS courses.

In other news, the Time 100 most influential people of the world is out: which of the following people have influenced your life?

(this is my list)

1. Elon Musk – I use paypal all the time. It is a great, secure system although you do have to know some tricks to avoid paying the levies imposed for funds transfer. Because of him we no longer have to transmit our credit card numbers all around the web.
2. Kevin Systrom – Not a user of instagram, but I have enjoyed many instragram photos on facebook due to him. It is a great notion – sharing beautiful moments with other people (ignoring all the cynics/misanthropes who claim that people instagramming their perfect life just lead to more people disliking them.
3. Christina Aguilera – Soundtrack to a childhood in the 90s when you were all of 12 and your favorite station was 98.7FM. I still recall the two leading ladies of that era in English pop was Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. It’s amazing the staying power she has till today.
4. Steven Spielberg – I love his movies, although not so much the action ones but the ones with quirkier themes – Catch me if you can, The Terminal, A.I., etc.
5. Jonathan Ive – lead designer of the iPad Mini (along with the whole range of apple products)
6. Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller – Founders of Coursera which provides Dan Boneh’s famous cryptography course. (Is Daphne Hungarian???)
7. Marissa Mayer – Designer of the Google home page, Yahoo CEO.
8. Justin Timberlake – Leading man of N ‘sync. Also part of the soundtrack of a childhood in the 90s. I actually bought an N sync CD when I was like 12. Was never particularly charmed by him though he had a good voice.

Have heard of many of the rest although they have not really appeared in my life in any way. Most of the influential people influence people in developing countries – which makes their influence only target a smaller demographic but go a longer way (e.g. curing HIV in kids, fighting for democracy in Myanmar, etc.) compared to those who influence a huge pool of people but solve first world problems.


So, it is time to face the inevitable-
The last time meeting Ed
The last time climbing up the tower
The last time admiring the deer on Cayuga Heights Rd
The last time going to church
The last time taking my blood pressure reading at the mall
that sad little mall, with nothing of interest, where freshmen congregate at Target because the 30 runs there from North Campus.
We’ve put it off as long as we could,
we have erased all the periods.

This is how one lives with the terminus in mind:
You grasp at every moment and imprint it on your memory, never letting go.

You linger. There are no more classes to rush to, no cold to escape, everything that you do has a purpose in and of itself. The means become the ends.
You tell yourself it is not the end.

I wouldn’t want to be faster
or greener than now if you were with me O you
were the best of all my days


I will squeeze the breath out of every last second here
There is no room for waste. I will not whitewash over the dread that is settling itself comfortably in my gut.
There is also no room for numbness, for “Good is not good unless/ A thousand it possess,/ But dost waste with greediness.” We develop numbness in the most trying moments of our lives to protect us from bearing the full brunt of trauma. The first stage of grief is always denial.
Not while I am here, I must remember. You, dear reader, have not a clue of the change of seasons in my life that occurred while I was here.

One part of leaving is the people. The greater part of leaving is the place.
The place in which I’ve cried the most, laughed the most, loved the most.
The place which cradled me in my greatest tragedy, my greatest heartbreak.

I simply cannot do this.

So shall we not part at the end of day,
Who have loved and lingered a little while,
Join lips for the last time, go our way,
With a sigh, a smile.


so commences the last week.


1. First homework set (geometry) in 4 months!
2. First time hearing symphony fantastique in concert, performed by concerto budapest. along with totentanz and asylum. boganyi’s glissandi were awesome, but there was one glaring mistake. pardon but I thought concert pianists were supposed to be perfect. also i don’t think we were sitting in the right place to hear the percussive effects of the ades (we were in the second row because the tickets were cheaper there and i don’t like symphony fantastique or ades that much to warrant getting better tickets.)
3. First time having sachertorte flavoured ice cream at a gelateria near my place. yuck. wouldn’t try it again. they also have dark chocolate ice cream called “black jack” that’s pretty good. i shld have guessed considering ami and i had sachertorte at well, hotel sacher in salzburg and we thought it was overrated. i can make a better chocolate cake than that! the chocolate was nice (just a hard shell) but the sponge itself was pretty dry.
4. First time in Bela Bartok National Concert Hall and the acoustics are wonderful. (perhaps not everywhere but that’s only to be expected). it’s also the only place in budapest that has managed to shed its humble backdrop completely. I guess that’s what the director means when he says once you step foot into the palace of the arts you will be transported to a different world.


Today’s webhits

1. York named best and most beautiful British city, aka most Brits would want to live up North. I wintered there for about a month and have visited countless other British cities, I suppose it was pretty (but only really the town centre) within the wall. The York suburbs look like any other suburbs. Shopping can be a real bitch if you don’t have a car.
2. Ten worst food trends: Detailing the 10 worst habits restaurateurs commit in their industry. I didn’t know truffle oil doesn’t come from truffles but is completely synthetic. or tt people could soft boil an egg with the yolk outside and the white inside. but like the writer, i certainly don’t think tt much of sous vide or molecular gastronomy. molecular food just seems so unnecessary.
3. Google Ads Preferences for your computer: See what Google associates with you based on your cookie. Unsurprisingly, I got:

Although I’m not exactly sure where the childcare came from. I hate kids.
4. Bridget Jones’ accent. You could have fooled me. I didn’t know she was born in Texas. She had a voice coach for her British accent (which is the most believable American British accent I have ever heard, given the Americans’ penchant for labeling my accent as British) and worked undercover in a British publishing company for three weeks to get a feel of the lingo and the role. Apparently she was also underweight for the role, and quickly chubbed up 20 pounds to get it. And a 3rd movie is slated to be out!! I love Bridget.

Clean slate

I can’t believe tomorrow is completely wide open!
I haven’t had many days like this.
At first liangze and i were intending to go to Chek Jawa. but this was vetoed for two reasons:
1. we had a late (and fun) night playing 80 points with dy and the micromouse yiwen and would most definitely not be able to get up before the tide rises tomorrow.
2. If we went to P. Ubin we would definitely cycle and I am not particularly keen on repeating today’s spate of cramps (we cycled to sembawang beach and sun plaza) tomorrow.

So we don’t know what we are going to do with our Chek Jawa time.
Something indoorsey and airconditioned.
Baking an orange chiffon cake?
Looking through the junk in my house? (Stamps. Shells. I’ve got lots of wonderful shells. Embarrassing childhood photos of me picking my nose or stuffing my face with KFC.)

(We just went through a whole load of junk in my room on saturday to find him a nice new-ish trinket from my adolescence to regift to this teenage girl he owes a birthday present)
Going to Bras Basah and looking for more used books for our collection?
Making ham and cheese crepes for breakfast?
Reading all my Dilbert comics?
Watching all the movies I downloaded in Ithaca, an option closed to me now because of the snail-like connection?
Sending postcards to our bible study leaders in Ithaca? Maybe printing out some snaps?
Making ginger snaps? :D
Playing pool/bowling like pimply poseurs who fail at academia and need a pseudo-athletic skill to boost their ego?
Playing Mario Forever like the four BBT geeks on a vintage video game night?

So many possibilities!
Although those who know me best will probably predict (quite accurately too) that we’ll probably wind up bumming on the couch all day in an infinite loop of movies.

I just relish the thought of how much trouble I can create tomorrow with my idle mind and idle hands.