Tratta di me

I am a math-based cryptologist in a research lab in Singapore. When I am not in my cubicle doodling and doing crosswords, I am surfing the Serious Eats websites ogling at all the food the editorial team manage to scarf in one day and looking for new recipes to try. My friends and family are cheerful guinea pigs to my culinary exploits, and no one has suffered any (serious) harm so far.

I also like to write about books I read, the classical music I’ve heard/am working on, and the occasional mathsy gobbet.

You will see lots of snapshots on this site of my art, mostly inspired by (read: plagiarized from) awesome ideas on Pinterest, my food, my vacations, but rarely any of people, for I am somewhat of a misanthrope.

If you would like to use any of the content here, you just have to ask. Most of my photos are available in full resolution under the Creative Commons License on my flickr page.


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