Name: Park Hyung Shik (박형식)
Born: November 16, 1991
Hometown: Yongin, Gyeonggi-do
Height: 184 cm (6 ft.)
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs.)
Blood Type: AB
Star Sign: Scorpio
Family: Older brother

His name, Hyung Shik, is a name that my mom calls very old-fashioned, not of this era, a name that people of her generation would have. For him, 형식 stands for “빛날 형, 심을 식” which (loosely) translates to “shining Hyung, planting Shik.” He shares a Korean animal zodiac with my mom (same sheep), and a star sign with me (Scorpio partners!).

His father is a Seoul guy, while his mother is from Busan. His family is fairly well-off, where his father has a high position at BMW Korea. He has an older brother named Min Shik, and is especially close to his father, still often giving him kisses when he goes to work, even at his age. Hyung Shik loves to eat, as he can eat several servings in one sitting. He’s the type that doesn’t gain weight no matter how much he eats. However, he’s not very good with alcohol, and can only drink sweet things, like cocktails.

He went to Shin Gal Elementary School (신갈초등학교), Gi Heung Middle School (기흥중학교), and Shin Gal High School (신갈고등학교). He is currently majoring in business administration at Seoul Cultural Arts University. He was a school uniform model before his debut with ZE:A (why wouldn’t he have been?). During his high school days, he was the main vocalist of a band, and won a big music competition in Gyeonggi-do with them. Apparently, he was scouted by SM and YG among many other music companies, but rejected them because he wasn’t seriously thinking about pursuing a music career then. He joined ZE:A only a few months before their debut.

His favorite singer is Park Hyo Shin, where he has done a cover of one of his songs.

Hyung Shik’s favorite color is blue (like me!), and he seems to be exceptionally good at drawing. Some of his hobbies include fencing and skiing (which tells us that he was pretty privileged growing up), and he also likes playing video games (like every other guy). He learned kendo since he was in the third grade, up to the fourth level. When asked how much of an age difference he would be willing to date, he said 6 years, younger or older. (Which means, I have a chance!) When he first sees a girl, he looks at her hands.

Apparently, he tries hard to look cool in front of the camera, showing off an image very different to his dorky (basically 4D) personality (which often comes with an AB blood type) in real life. He often monitors himself, always searching for articles about him online and constantly reviewing his broadcasts on TV. His obsession with the camera (and his appearance) extends to selcas, as he regularly uploads them on his Twitter. He’s very close friends with Ryeowook of Super Junior, so much that they often show off their love for each other. :D

On the October 13 episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News”, the idol-actor starred as a guest, and he shares his love for food during the interview.
“My older brother and I love to eat, and I could eat four large packages of ramen by myself,” shares Hyungsik, to the surprise of the interviewer. “We even got spanked because of it.”

“At night before we go to bed, my mother prepares enough food for the four members of the family. What my brother and I would do is that we’d wake up early in the morning and eat all the food by ourselves.”

He continues with a laugh, “After our mother found out that the food she prepared was gone and the rice cooker was empty, we got scolded. Our mother even jokes that it’s like she was raising farm pets instead of children”

He also talks about his impressive eating habits during the show “Real Men”.
“I think I brought those eating habits while growing up, and a lot of people noticed it while I was filming for real men. My brother gains weight fast, but I’m lucky because all the food went to my height.”
Catch Hyungsik on “The Heirs” every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 (KST).



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