23 December 2016 – Snorkeling on Rose Island

Went snorkeling today!!! On the huge reef at Rose Island. There were about 3 private charter boats there too, so you know that place is really worth snorkeling. We paid about $84 each (with a promo code) for the Sandy Toes tour which included a buffet lunch and a boat ride to and from Rose Island from the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal.

Everything on Paradise Island is overpriced, including parking. Like we frequently manage to park for free in downtown Nassau, things are pretty badly regulated and unmonetized there. The Atlantis employee parking garage costs someting like $17 for a full day of parking, which I suppose is not unreasonable. But we found the lot opposite RIU that cost only $5/day and felt pretty damn smug about that.

The snorkeling was amazing, and the snorkels we got from Amazon are amazing! You can literally stay face down on the water indefinitely quite comfortably! We went in with just our prescription goggles and the snorkel, no fins or like snorkel mask or life jacket. Swallowed a hell lotta salt water but it was totally worth it. The two best fish of the day we saw was the grey angelfish and the queen triggerfish, which can apparently change its color depending on its mood and how much it feels aggressed. It’s one of the largest triggerfishes that one is unlikely to see in a marine aquarium because it’s also highly aggressive and eats almost everything else.

Its diet consists of invertebrates. In aquariums shrimp, squid, clams, octopus, scallops, and crab are all good choices of food.

According to wikipedia. I also want to be a queen triggerfish. Man, we had such good lotus root flour battered calamari at Saigon Kitchen the other day.

The pictures were… not great because we were shooting blind. All the refraction from the water to the camera case ensured pretty much that I couldn’t see what I was shooting, so I just aimed randomly. Will add some to the post if and when they get uploaded.

Oh yeah the woman at the parking garage told us “You have a beautiful family” lol. I think they think maybe Chris and Rich adopted us. Are most people who travel to Nassau in families? Or is it being in the same car that makes you a family? In which case I am families with very many people. This reminds me of Shim Cheong’s misconception about marriage way back in episode 3 or 4 of Legends. Anyway yesterday Chris almost gained a new husband, today she gained a son. The tour guide on the boat to Rose Island told everyone else on the boat (there were about 50 of us) that Chris was his mother. He was named Chris too, so he told the whole boat she named him after herself :P And he was Bahamian, so his skin tone was quite a few shades darker. He looked at her and told everyone “it took me ten years of giving this tour under the hot sun to look like this” lol. Then she introduced him to his sister (me), who is a totally different color altogether and told him “as you can see, I have an errant past!” lol. He gave me a hug and it was so cute we should have taken a “family” pic.

While we we were snorkeling, the other guide, JU, handed me a huge orange starfish the size of a neck pillow. I shot a few pics of it in his hand and later tried to pass it to Z so I could shoot Z holding it. At the same time JU was swimming to Z to pass him a smaller starfish to see and Z kept signalling “no no no” in the water because he was frightened (of the both of us handing him the starfish). I heard JU snort in laughter beneath his mask and then he surfaced and gave a real loud belly laugh. “He’s scary! A scary cat!” (He meant scaredy lol but maybe their accent makes it come out as ‘scary’) “Who’s scared of a starfish?? A starfish ain’t no gonna bitechu?!?!” lol! Then he told everyone on the boat Z was afraid of a starfish lololol I was so amused. Z was not and said we were both mean people hahah.



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