22 December 2016 – Food tour

Since I am quite behind on my journalling I am going to put some key highlights here to help my foggy memory later:

Today the Carl’s Jr wait staff mistook me for Chris’ daughter and she was so pleased :P She asked the waitress for the order number and the waitress told her “I gave it to your daughter” and she raised her eyebrows and was SO happy when she was telling us all about it.  I told her I must be starting to look more and more like her :P

We managed to get the car exchanged today for an even older one (same model – Suzuki Swift), but one whose door locks and internal light works. The hood of the car has had its paint scuffed off in two places, so when we got out of the Carl’s Jr, Rich tapped the “bald” spots and said “This car is new. It doesn’t even have paint on yet.” in his wry, Rich-y way that is so adorable.

We told them about how we used to sneak Carl’s Jr burgers into the cinema in empty popcorn boxes and they had a good laugh. Also about how all the Carl’s Jr in Singapore are all in very central areas and does good business, even though if I had a choice the first fast food chains I would be bringing in would be more like Chick Fil-A or In-and-Out. Chris said looking at the Carl’s Jr logo it’s likely under the same family as Hardee’s and she’s totally right! I just looked it up! They have the same star and the same font.

Chris found a piece of coral and a piece of sponge on Love Beach today and said she was gonna make it into a necklace. I took them and used them to scare Ze and Rich had a good laugh. Chris said “Yes. A highly revered army lieutenant, scared of coral..” :P we’re gonna have a good time snorkeling tomorrow. Z tested the snorkels and verified that they didn’t let water in.

My phone died after being submerged in the sea water and Z tried to take a pic. So much for the rubber seal. Give me a break. The funniest part is we intentionally put it in the water to see if it could take photos. Lame shit.

Ooh, we went to John Watling’s Distillery and had a hilarious tour by the tour guide. Apparently John Watling was a pirate (not a distiller) and he was killed by a gunshot to the liver. So they named the rum distillery after him because “if you drink too much rum, it shoots straight to your liver and you die.” That’s such a great reason to name something after someone!

Chris also got proposed to today by the owner of the Rum cake shop. She went in, wanted to know something about the production process and the owner (a British guy, it seems) said it was highly secretive and he spent a long time fine tuning it. “If you want in on the secret you’d have to marry me. How about it?”
“Is there any other way to find out?”
“It all depends. How keen are you? I’m old, I’m broke, and I am quite frequently grumpy.”
Old people flirting are SO cute. gosh. She’s so good at talking to anyone and everyone, even the people beside her on the plane to Nassau, she talked to them the entire plane ride.



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