Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping

Z says I need to confess and atone for my sins :P So here is a comprehensive list of what I bought over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Bear in mind that many sales started Thanksgiving week and even the week before so this is certainly not over a span of 2 days. I am not crazy.

Pottery Barn:
– Fluffy faux fur house slippers ($16.17)

– Two bathrobes – pink chamois S/M for myself and navy blue waffle weave M with white piping and monogram for his christmas present ($146.31). We were intending to purchase a pine cone hill bathrobe in stormy grey (which would have set us back about $70+ after discounts) so this is alright. Will return the pink if it does not fit or look nice since it is unmonogrammed.

Michaels ($39.70):
Too many to list. Off the top of my head,
– Copper foil 8″ x 10″ frameables. Figured these would make good birthday/housewarming gifts after putting them in a nice wood frame from Target. And there are like 40 of them in the pack!

– A peacock blue and a blue-green gold foil notebook

– Sticky notes ($2.79)

– White 12″ x 12″ paper ($2.99)

– 12″ x 6″ speedball carving rubber ($7.20 after 60% off for Michaels Rewards members!) for making more stamps.
– A stack of 8.5″ x 11″ pastel hued paper for $2.

– A stack of christmassy blue, white, and copper washi tape for $7.49

– Buckles for Z’s kayak
Most of these were 50% off

L’Occitane ($28.50):
– L’Arlesienne Voyage set – Eau de toilette, hand cream, lip balm – 40% off the OP.


Thymes ($35.51):
10% for new email signups (so no BF deals per se), and a free set of 12 sample body lotions with every $25 purchase. Also, free shipping with $25 purchase. I then got a 10% discount coupon with the sample pack, which I am unlikely to use.
– Mirabelle plum lip gloss and lip scrub set
– Rosewood Citron handwash

– And of course 15 free samples :P


Memebox ($36.50):
– Free shipping for orders $35+ haha. I am a god at gaming this free shipping thing). Got $5.50 off with a 10% discount code and redeemed memepoints for $13 for a total discount of $18.50!
– I missed the Black Friday deals because I wasn’t really camping out there. Not that interested in their Vault boxes which are freaking expensive. I am a rather half-hearted make up user and am the sort to buy novelty things and practical things rather than adventurously trying out anything.
– April Skin Magic Stone face soap ($6). This is what we’ve been using for the last half a yr and Z really likes it, so I got two.

– Lemon sparkling peeling gel ($5) – just tried it, it works amazingly!! The dead skin comes right off

– Babyface pore powder ($5)

– I’m matte lip crayon in Joy ($9)
– Snowflake whipping cleanser with free marshmallow whip maker ($11)


– Etude House Bubble Tea sleeping pack ($13)

Book Depository ($96.42):
– They gave me a 10% discount off all stock, not sure what for. So I went on a book buying spree!
– The Ladybird book of Mindfulness
– How it Works: The Husband
– The Ladybird book of the Hipster
– How it Works: The Mum
– How it Works: The Cat

– Sushi: Jiro Gastronomy – Got this for $7.14! Most proud of this purchase. It still retails for $14.99 on Amazon
– Fire and Ice: Classic Nordic Cooking ($24.22)

– Letters of Note: Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience (15.63)

– Five go Gluten-Free
– Five on Brexit Island
– Five go Parenting

I rather think that’s an insane number of books for <$100!

Barnes & Noble ($32.10):
– Hide and Seek at 30% off the OP

– Used their holiday book $10 off $25 for books on Kenji’s The Food Lab. So it was $17.47 (I hate Washington state tax) for what retails for like SGD 85 in Kinokuniya D:

University Book Store ($87.64):
25% off everything (that I buy.. they had exceptions on textbooks and calculators lol)
– Hello Kitty Moleskine for Charlotte’s next birthday ($14.96)
– Mission Fig Mistral bar soap ($7.56)

– A nice little rose papered briefcase that now contains all my rolls of washi tape ($7.46)


– Two cloth bound, hard cover breton striped notebooks at $4.50 each

– Two greeting cards

– Pusheen in christmas holly (already given to JE)

– Book of nonsense ($11.21)

– Teresa Collins fierce ink pad ($12.71)

City People’s Mercantile ($71.66):
– 20% off everything because of Small Business Saturday!
– Heather cloth bound notebook with copper foil and elastic band. Going to use this for our winter break travel journal! ($9.99)
– Roger la borde blue patterned notebook with blue edging ($10.99)

– Bicycle pattern lunch bag

– Green patterned salad plate with blue lining ($5.99)
– Cloud spotting notebook (Z’s second christmas present)

– Holiday back scratcher with cute icicle pattern ($4.99)

– Party cups with gold foil fir design

– 2 wedding cards (no upcoming weddings in particular, but good to have for a rainy day.)
– Christmas gift tags in red and green watercolor ($2.50)

– Two 8×8 photobooks with 45 pages each. See the mock up here.
– Additional 25 pages each, added a matte cover at $5 each.
– Total: $57.79. Which is a steal!

– Had a free 8″x8″ photobook from Discover, and there was a 50% off any order over $99, which includes discounts on additional pages, matte covers, and story telling elements.
– A free 8.5″ x 11″ wall calendar. Had to pay shipping at $7.99


– 10 free christmas 5″x7″ copper foiled christmas cards, had to pay shipping. Realized I could have combined this with the photobooks and not have to pay a single cent for them. Lame.

– Also ordered a 5″x7″ print from them of Chris and me that I was gonna put up in my house but realized she might like it haha. So I’m probably gonna give it to her.
– The last three items were $18.20 because I stupidly did not combine the free holiday cards with the photobooks.

– Two 8oz canisters of their lavender sage tea for $72. Each canister typically retails for $45? Why is their tea so expensive T-T
– One for Chris and one for me :D

PopSugar ($71.14):
– Their December Must Have box ($34.95). Only got this because their spoilers showed a reallllly nice Odeme catchall and ring dish which retails for $67!
– A cosmetics/fashion “mystery box” which actually just means “leftovers” box where they try to clear previous stock from Must Have boxes that didn’t sell. Still, the value was pretty good at $29.95 for what would otherwise cost $250.

YesStyle ($41.70):
– 15% off purchases of $49+ so I actually managed to make my cart out to $49.06. Lol.

– Polka dot navy blue weekender

– Black pajamas with baby pink piping
– White plaid scarf in preparation for our trip to Ithaca
– Eos shimmery lip balm

– Mini christmas tree ($14.99)

– 2017 calendar in copper foil on a clipboard ($3)
– Menu easel for EK
– Gold foil hello notecards ($3)

Paper Source:
– They had a 20% off flash sale and their shipping is so expensive T-T so I rushed down to the Uvillage one right before dinner with ZH lol.
– Mini vacuum – world’s tiniest vacuum ($11.96)! Was thinking of getting it for GGY’s birthday or something :P Maybe next year.

– A grey leather bookmark with gold foil and embossing ($7.16)
– Pink watercolor notebook with gold foil edging ($10.36)


– A fairy light lamp for the dining table ($11.96)

– An ecru leather notebook with bee in gold foil ($10.36)

– Botanicals rifle paper Co. writing paper ($11.96)

Urban Outfitters:
– Macaron rose lip balm ($6)
– The Matcha hand cream ($8), large enough to last the entire trip, small enough volume to go on a plane. And in such a nice paint tube!

The packaging was just so minimal I couldn’t help myself!

– Two classic letter sets in blush and cream:


– Library of flowers travel kit in Linden
– 8″x10″ spring watercolor print

Total damage: $795.01

No shopping for me for awhile! Also I am going to cook quite a bit to make up for all of this lol. This is like 16 meals at Din Tai Fung.



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