Soya bean milk

CH (Z’s college roommate) is back in Seattle! Which led to the soya bean milk** debacle today. For some time now the uwajimaya downtown has been rather lax about stocking the correct soya bean milk brand (with the yellow cap). Either they only have the large gallon-sized bottles which are a little difficult to finish, or they are out of stock altogether. An asian grocery. With no soy bean milk! So today we went to dinner in the ID with CH and parked at the Uwajimaya before heading to Fort St. George. While walking to the restaurant we walked through the supermarket and decided to check out how many bottles were left (we didn’t manage to get any last week). They come in gallon sized bottles (half gallons used to exist up until recently) and there were only 6 left. The boys were afraid that they’d be out when we got back from dinner, a very real possibility. So of course they decided to hide the soy bean milk among the regular milk, which is less popular. Only in an Asian supermarket. The regular gallon sized milk had blue caps so they arranged two gallons of soy milk in the middle of a bunch of bottles of regular milk. I don’t know why we always do unglam things. Further, the more people there are in our party, the more unglam the things we do. Like this soy milk hiding. Is it us who are inducing this unglam behaviour it or our friends who are like us? Not sure if I want to know the answer to that question.

Just the other day we picked up a scattered bunch of dried lavender just lying in the street. We were going to the Belle Epicurean for lunch (they have really good French sandwiches and feuilletes btw) and there was this van parked by the road with a bunch of lavender haphazardly scattered on the floor next to it. All dried and some broken stems but otherwise pretty intact and still smelt really good. The kind of thing you pay $14 at L’Occitane for. Well screw that, Z and I stopped, looked at each other, then got a paper bag from our car and filled it with the lavender and went merrily on our way.

all artfully arranged and shit


After shopping at Uwajimaya we went to Daiso since CH needed a filter for his tub and we got sidetracked at the cashiers by the rows and rows of Japanese gummies! They both bought a pack of cuboidal kyoho grape flavoured gummies and I got a 5 pack of gumdrop shaped gummies. The difference (we sampled both in the car) is that the cube gummies are made with no gelatin, just glutinous rice flour so they are much softer than say gummy bears and lean more toward the consistency of mochi skin without being too bland. Very nice! Each packet only had 6 little cube-gummies though, all individually wrapped despite being sugar coated with no chance of coalescing into a giant gummy. There is no such thing as ‘Saving the Environment’ in Japan. My 5 pack in a chain (the kind you tear off) used both gelatin and pectin, but still managed to remain more pliable than typical gummy bears/circus peanuts (tts what Chris called them, if I remember correctly). I think it’s the use of glutinous rice flour/starch. Never really stopped to examine the ingredient list of Japanese sweets but they were both (yes, both these 28 year old men) so drawn by the shape of those gummies we had to try them all.

I love how my childhood follows me around like a ghost I cannot shed. Sophistication, so prized in adolescence, is now in short supply and shows no signs of returning.

** Asian soy milk is far and away better different from the artifically vanilla flavoured, overly sweet American version for the lactose intolerant. It is delicious hot, cold, sweet, salty (only in Taiwan), and especially with fried cruller dipped in. I don’t know what kind of magical sugar they use to flavour our soy milk but it is super amazing and Z and I can’t go without it. You’re meant to drink it on its own, like a latte.



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