The Four Graces

Just finished this new D.E. Stevenson book, the last installment of the Miss Buncle series. Here’s a sample of a conversation between Sal (the vicar’s daughter) and Jos Barefoot (random village guy):

“Were you at the wedding, Jos?” she asked.
“I don’t ‘old with weddings,” declared Jos, sitting down upon an upturned barrow and beginning to fill his pipe. “Too much fuss, to my mind. Weddings is nothing to make a fuss about. Weddings is lotteries, that’s what.”
“You never took a ticket, Jos.”
“Not me,” said Jos. “I never ‘ad a woman — never wanted one. Weddings is lotteries; they may be all right an’ they may be all wrong. You’m not thinkin’ of gettin’ married, Miss Sal?”
“No,” said Sal, smiling.
“That’s right. You be better as you are. Passon couldn’t do without you neither. You be better as you are.”
“It’s a good thing everybody doesn’t think so.”
Jos shook his head. “Ar,” he said gravely. “There’s Toop. Toop would ‘ave been better without that woman. You can’t deny it, Miss Sal.”
Sal could not, so she was silent.
“It ‘appened when Toop was in Lunnon,” said Jos, striking a match and lighting his pipe. “‘E met Maria at a party–fish an’ chips it was– an’ Maria looked reel smart in a blue dress an’ ‘er ‘air done up to kill. Toop was took with ‘er but ‘e wouldn’t never ‘ave ‘ad ‘er if ‘e ‘adn’t ‘appened to see it wrote up on the Albert ‘All.”
“Wrote up on the Albert Hall!” exclaimed Sal, repeating the statement word for word in her amazement.
“‘Ave Maria,” nodded Jos. “That’s what it said — ‘Ave Maria. It give Toop quite a turn… wrote up on the Albert ‘All in letters a foot ‘igh… so ‘e ‘ad ‘er.”

Such a great passage for my current thoughts. We recently booked tickets to our first show at the Benaroya Hall, and it is not with the Seattle Symphony! (Pity, as that would have been much cheaper with student discounts and all). Gad Elmaleh (who has been performing in Manhattan recently) will be doing his show here in Seattle in September. I had a teeny little crush on him in Cornell after watching La Doublure and Hors de prix. An old blog post reveals that I even got the Cornell library to purchase some of his DVDs so I could watch them. Ha! The very notion of the legalistic lengths I went to to watch certain movies is laughable now. Since then, I have not watched any of his movies except for Midnight in Paris, and I can’t even remember what part he played. So right after the current entertainment queue we’ll have to fit some of his work in before we go to see him live. I’m very excited. He’s got these beautiful eyes and an extremely sexy French accent.

In the queue now:
1. Finishing up Let’s Eat 2
2. The Professor’s Beloved Equation (movie based on The Professor and his Housekeeper)
3. The Three Musketeers (Korean drama) – rewatching with LZ
4. Naeil’s Cantabile (A korean remake of Nodame Cantabile with -I feel- worse looking actors. Nobody can beat the wonderful Juri Ueno. The Korean Chiaki just looks like a straight up jerk, compared to Hiroshi Tamaki who also looks like quite a jerk but has the kind of bad boy vibe that can still be lovable). Case in point:

Joo Won in Naeil’s Cantabile. What is with that weird parting? And that smug smirk?

Chiaki-senpai in Nodame
5. The Time We Were Not In Love – rewatching with LZ
6. Gad Elmaleh movies
7. Brilliant Legacy
Another reason why the passage is apt is that our first anniversary is coming up! We are not one for marking the passage of time but any excuse for a celebration and presents and cards etc. is always welcome. I got him a fantastic present and have been bugging him to guess what it is for the last few days. He is SO BAD at guessing. He bought me some jewellery from the South Lake Union Saturday Market and a canvas/leather tote from the Umbrella Collective as an anniversary gift. Essentially things that I looked at, thought were too expensive to purchase (my bar is rather high :P), and he decided to get for me because he didn’t have any ideas anyway. So after that I was casting around for something to give him and landed on the best, perfectest idea and it really bugs me that he cannot guess what it is! I’m just being excited about his present all by myself and it’s not even the sort of present I used to give him that was “for him” but turned out to be something for me, like our creme brulee torch :P

Yes, yes, I am a very wicked, selfish partner but there must be some charm that’s made him stick around for so long.



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