Haven’t done this in a while

I’ve decided to compile all the ridiculous things I see on fb into posts. They’ve been appearing more regularly these days and I think I will die of cantankerousness if I can’t get it off my chest. WTF ARE THESE EVEN


What century are we in exactly? Which wife says “I’m not taking care of a grown man?” What kind of stupid assumption is that? Why does the poster assume it’s the “husband” who comes home tired and hungry and not the wife? What if cooking is not one of the wife’s interests? And even if it were, why should she have to cook for him? That’s totally f***ed up. Seriously whisper? NOBODY in this day and age needs to reinforce ridiculous female stereotypes as the person who stays home and takes care of her husband. If you want to talk about partnerships, you just have to change all the genders in your totally f***ed up statement and then we’ll be saying something new.  Where do you get off telling people to act like your ideal of a wife? Please cut out this bullshit.


Screenshot 2016-02-17 00.06.35

Nothing intrinsically wrong with this, apart from the fact that she thinks that her dad loving his wife is a “gift” and not the status quo.  “How true.”? Seriously? Is this what we have descended to? People. Stop having children if you don’t love each other. You are not rabbits. I FULLY EXPECT my dad to love my mum, his loving her is not a “gift”, or some kind of unexpected blessing for me. If he doesn’t, he’s obviously doing parenting wrong, marriage wrong, probably his whole life wrong. I would judge him. Don’t make it sound like he’s doing anything so great just by loving his wife. Good god.

Screenshot 2016-02-17 00.07.40

I wasn’t really offended by this one but I just thought it impossibly ludicrous; as if we do not have enough gender stereotypes, here is this guy saying that ALL women are concerned about the weather. Like any other woman. Like no men. w.t.f.

Screenshot 2016-02-17 10.54.47

I’m highlighting the responses of the odd ordered comments. The even ordered commenter is obviously trying to steer the conversation away from anything quite so derogatory.  This is the state of sexism in Singapore (be sure that his opinions are not just limited to him. And of course, the poster is male). In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have blurred the OP’s face and name. Dennis Teo, get your shit together. Not all women in Singapore are high maintenance. Not all “scientist women” dislike shopping. Not all women bitch about other people. There are plenty of people of your own gender who are high maintenance and love shopping and love bitching about other people. Who are you to take the moral high ground, and who are you that you have the ability to pick and choose your partner like they are chattel?  Such sweeping statements do absolutely nothing toward advancing reasonable online discourse.

So. Angry. I’m not even sure I am achieving catharsis. I need to give each one of them a good slap for populating my feed with nonsensical, sexist statements before I feel even remotely better.

In other news, I’m finally using the box blur filter in photoshop :P There will be more to come, because apparently people can’t help saying stupid and screwed up things on facebook.



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