Rude TFL posters

So recently TFL released a set of “courtesy” posters encouraging commuters to be more considerate when they travel. I’m not sure if this is a British thing but Singapore does have those posters too, usually an uglier, more garish version than these neutral colored beauties. So of course the public took to giving them a bit of a facelift via photoshop to spell out essentially the same message but in more colorful terms.



I really like the new posters! The old ones sounded really naive and losery, as anyone who goes around telling other people to be more considerate is wont to sound. What troubled me was the fact that they told Fiona to go “throw up in a Wetherspoons like normal people”. I put my elbows on their tables when I eat there! All the time! How often have those tables been puked on! They’ve always felt a bit sticky but I assumed it was from spilt pints rather than puke T_T


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