So this place is dead. I hope that will change at some point :P Prelims are next week, and I am SO unprepared, and still procrastinating like mad. Everyone is like done with their prep, with time to spare. How is everybody so diligent??? Why am I so lazy????

Anyway, I watched this video on fb (one of the many things I was doing while procrastinating), and found out that when people spoon (lie back to front?), the one in front is called the small spoon and the one behind is called the big spoon! Z and I have always called the one behind the ‘spoon’ and the one in front the ‘pudding’. Z is really not THAT much taller than me, unlike Rags and actually a lot of the people in my manifolds class. When we present questions at the board, Z said he never noticed how short I was until I went up to present. I have to tiptoe to write on the very highest line of the blackboard. He is considered average in this class, with several people much taller than him, and maybe only one guy shorter than him.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert also started airing this week, which formed a huge part of my distractions. We’ve watched every episode and it is awesome. He’s already had George Clooney and Scarlett Johannson and Joe Biden on, all super high profile and celebritous. Paul Simon even came on at the end pretending that he was frontlining a Paul Simon tribute band called Troubled Waters

and Colbert made up a story about how he couldn’t get Paul Simon to come on the show because he was a bit of a jerk, and could only get those folks. He ended the episode with an American Tune, which was so lovely and poignant and such a great finish to the 9/11 episode, and also when I found out it was partly ripped off O sacred head, now wounded from the St. Matthew Passion, which explains why I like it so much.

After watching the Paul Simon episode I went on a huge wikipedia spree finding out more about him and his songs and found out that Mrs Robinson was supposed to be called Mrs Roosevelt, I suppose as a sorta consolation when FDR’s scandals became public. I even downloaded Hyde on the Hudson (which was out in 2012) to watch at some point. I also found out that Joe DiMaggio was chosen as a representative American hero in that song because of the number of syllables in his name more than anything else :P



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