We’ve been super busy with weddings stuff (all my blogs have pretty much died) and trying to handle school at the same time. LZ also got me a Cricut Explore! Which is a die-cutting machine that precisions cuts all kind of material from paper to vinyl to leather (but not wood or anything thicker than say .4cm) We’ve been cutting these heart shaped cards for people to write their wedding wishes on, and they’ll be hung on a tree or something at the reception lobby:

I’ll probably do a few posts (if I remember/have the time) about the process of preparing all these little things for the wedding (the most fun part for me). We also got to shop alot (like for the Cricut explore, or for rings, and for random decor), which was really fun. And we (I) designed a program that I’m getting printed on cardstock rack cards at Vistaprint.

weddingprogram copy 3b

weddingprogram copy 2

Ordered a cheap $17 veil from JJ House, which is some warehouse in China, with a beaded/scalloped edge, and also made lots of magnets for door gifts:

using an neat idea I saw on Pinterest.

Here are the rings:

We got from Ben Bridge, which is a Washington/Seattle based jeweller that I think carries pretty nice jewellery! In the end my band may have been cheaper than his. We just got cheap ones, I don’t like rings that have things sticking out of them because I work a lot with my hands, having a rock makes it uncomfortable for piano playing/cooking, our engagement ring is nicked all over already cause I didn’t take it off to play the piano.

We also used the Cricut explore to die-cut boxes for the groomsmen’s ties:

LZ’s cousin got a Silhouette cutter and so I had to go online to see which was better. All the arguments for the Silhouette on this one site was that the Silhouette gives greater flexibility in their design space where you don’t have to buy cartridges and you can design your own stuff. I think the main constraint these pro-Silhouette people are limiting themselves to with the Cricut is actually trying to design stuff in the Cricut design space. There is very little reason to do so. I design my things in photoshop and Ze vectorizes them to my desired smoothness in Inkscape. And then we import the svgs to the Cricut design space for cutting. The Cricut’s blades last much longer and can cut more accurately/the cutting mat loads more accurately, i.e. if I cut a design that did not cut all the way through my material because I chose the wrong setting, I can just send the mat through again and have it cut exactly where the previous cuts are, which is awesome. I would never use the Cricut design space for design, that’s for noobs who can’t operate a computer to save their lives to their full potential. There are perfectly good vector graphics software out there in which you can design literally anything you want, and I feel sorry for people who rely on Cricut cartridges to cut their stuff! And for people who are technology averse, which hinders them from getting the most out of their purchase.

I’ve been documenting all the little bits and pieces we’ve been doing for the wedding on Instagram I guess but would like to do a more comprehensive post with descriptions and process at some point.



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