Missing Snow

Saw this link on fb and it had really pretty pics of cornell in the snow:

Is it the Kremlin? #Москва or #Cornell? 😀

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Remember slip sliding down these stairs of doom while on my way back to Risley.

#cornell #snow #ithaca #westcampus #thisarchthingistotesfromrivendell

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some nice composition although the photos are pretty grainy sometimes. Don’t people have proper camera phones?

Perfect study view #urislibrary #cornell #snow @cornelluniversity

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#Cornell now: Sliding across Bailey Hall plaza.

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#Cornell now: The quiet before morning classes.

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The next few are by the same person:

#VSCOcam #ithaca #cornell #whatsajuno #newyork @barakbar7

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Whoever said west coast best coast surely does not know what he’s talking about.

In other news, the New Yorker finally covered Yitang Zhang; the article was both on my fb feed and posted by the math chair here, with a note saying “It gets off to an unfortunate start, with the author confessing his lack of ability in math, but if you get past that, you may enjoy it.” And that piqued my interest because it was so judgy, exactly my style :P So I had a look and agree completely. That author is so narcissistic. If you’re going to be publishing an article on a math genius nobody, I repeat, nobody, in the math world is interested in how much you suck at math. People would read it because of Yitang Zhang, and nobody wants to/should have to sit through one entire paragraph detailing how bad you are at math and how you would likely not even appreciate his accomplishments despite the totally lofty title “The Pursuit of Beauty”, a beauty which I’m sure is lost on you. Journalists need to get a grip.

I was going to upload some posts on our trip to Alaska, (I kept a pen and paper journal while we were there) but since school has started there has been no rest for the wicked. I am greatly looking forward to Friday though where we will head down to the Microsoft campus and sneak in to use their laser cutter to cut out some trivets and coasters. One of our own is having a birthday party on Saturday and we are going to cut a fibonacci spiral trivet for him. Will post the end product here, if I remember to. We went downtown to the Greg Kucera gallery last friday to look at an exhibit featuring aquatint prints of the work of ten famous/noteworthy mathematicians and physicists condensed into a single equation or diagram drawn on a whiteboard.

It was really rather elegant and beautiful; I might recreate them in my house. But with equations of my choosing of course. Since we were downtown we also headed to a wood shop (Woodcraft) and picked up some 1/4″ thick plywood ($6.25), teak colored wood stain ($5), butcher’s block conditioner ($7) (containing beeswax and carnauba wax), two planks of really beautiful 1/8″ thick walnut (~$25), and a sanding sponge at grit level 180 ($2.95) in order to undertake our trivet projects. This whole thing started when we thought of ways to try to hack this beautiful wood trivet

midcentury modern trivet
on food52 that cost $50. Does that sound unreasonable to you? Actually while scoping out the wood shop we found out that solid, dark wood is ridiculously expensive, so it’s not all that surprising that it costs that much. I just.. am not willing to pay that amount :P

so with the skill of seasoned pirates (as only the chinese can be) we created an svg file that looked exactly like the original so as to cut our own trivets with the MS laser cutter.

This was a sample Z’s cousin cut for us out of MDF with the vectorized file we sent him. I stained it with our teak wood stain and then glued it onto Z’s door. Now our apartment feels so “countryside cottage”.. I love it!



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