Spent the whole of this week in bed down with a bad flu. It started with a minor fever/ache on Sunday and then I went through a sore throat, nasal congestion, and now a cough. Amazingly, I spent the first four days doing random things like reading and playing the piano (LZ moved the keyboard into my room right next to my bed. My room is truly optimized now) and online shopping. On our last (and only) trip to Pike Place, we discovered a store called Watson Kennedy along Post Alley that stocked a bunch of really awesome books, like Vahram Muratyan’s Paris vs. New York that features dual graphics like these:


And Madeleine Floyd‘s Birdsong, which I have been sketching from ever since I got my waterproof micron pens from the university bookstore. I was supposed to spend this week designing the wedding invite haha. That never happened, but I do have an idea in mind.

Only on thursday I decided that being sick is a prime time to binge on korean dramas, so I downloaded a drama called “Let’s eat!” haha which sounds really stupid (and is actually, quite dumb.. every episode has a good 5 minutes of airtime showing the cast scarf really delicious looking korean food), but I downloaded it just because I saw this screen grab on fb:
which happens in the first episode. Hilarious. Another good thing I took away from Let’s Eat is that I discovered Priscilla Ahn, who does amazing music that seems to be indie and new age all mashed up together.

Midway between episodes of Let’s Eat, I also decided to watch Yoo Ha’s The Frozen Flower, which is the first work of his that I’ve watched. This was triggered by my seeing Jo In Sung in The Classic, which I rather liked. The Classic (or Keul-ra-sik, as it is in Korean) was so melancholy and old school with some really cheesy lines, and the sort of dark scenes that clash horribly but also resonantly with the simplicity of country living. So I quite liked the Frozen Flower, even though it was pretty explicit in the manner of Lust, Caution (which I didn’t like), but you could kind of tell that each sex scene had its own artistic purpose? It was always interspersed with shots that did not revolve around the couple, but all the background threads that hold the story together. The cinematography was really good (pretty similar to Wong Kar Wai’s period movies, but set in Goryeo), and it really made me think. So Frozen Flower’s main plotline plays on the tensions that arise in the palace due to the homosexual relationship between Gong Min and his palace guard (yes, the same Gong Min as in Faith), and his inability to produce an heir to cement the Yuan-Goryeo relationship. It’s vastly different from 3 peas in a pod, which I think I’ve complained about here before. The Frozen Flower portrayed the love between Gong Min and Hong Lim to be so much more noble and untainted compared to the heterosexual love between Hong Lim and the Queen, because their relationship went above and beyond what I feel typical heterosexual relationships encompass to include the unshakeable tie of brotherhood, the betrayal of that sort of loyalty (the same loyalty showed between Prince Yang Myung and the Emperor in Moon Embracing the Sun) is hard-hitting and painful to see, especially when the betrayal is no longer just against a brother, but a brother who also happens to be your lover. It’s certainly worth watching! I still don’t really understand Hong Lim’s feelings in the end.. He obviously didn’t fully comprehend the extent of the King’s love for him, and I felt so sorry for Gong Min.

Now I’m excited to see Gangnam 1970 (which I was already excited see thanks to Minho-sshi), but my brain probably needs to recover with a bit of fluff before another Yoo Ha film :P I thought it was cute that Yoo Ha admitted in an interview that he cast Lee Minho because his wife was a big fan of LMH’s lol. It really is a woman’s world :P Like how Xi Jinping’s wife wishes her husband looked more like Kim Soo-hyun than his current self. I’ll probably go back to Let’s Eat for now, but it’s dangerous to watch it not at meal times, because one really wants to go out to hunt for whatever they’re having. There’s even a whole Soompi thread discussing all the dishes that appear in the drama and where to find the best stalls selling haemul jjim or jajangmyun in Seoul :P



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