Just read this essay without reading the title. Try it! It’s hilarious.

I love the shouts and murmurs section of the New Yorker. Still waiting on my first copy :/ and the accompanying tote bag! Am so sad that I just narrowly missed getting the printed food issue.

School is going ok, first round of midterms are over, thank God. I didn’t do so well on one but did ok on another. Big picture here, is that I learn stuff. And I learnt a LOT of stuff before the midterms, so that’s a plus. Also, found out what else I should pick up (proof skill wise), which is also good. The idea is to keep improving right, until one is less limited.

We almost never have time to go for happy hour anymore, due to the midterms and homework. That and the fact that I go crazy every time we do groceries and wind up buying a ton of stuff that I have to use up. Just yesterday I finally finished 2 of the 3 bell peppers I bought about 3-4 weeks ago in a pasta that also used up leftovers from my dinner at Famous Dave’s last Saturday. I never thought it would happen, but our pantry is FULL. There are 4 bags of pepperidge farm cookies (when they were on sale at $2 or $2.50 each), 6 boxes of Hello Panda, 3 bottles of soda, 1 bag of Wang Wang biscuits, 1/2 bag of Japanese short grain rice (which we are in the middle of using), 20 cans of milo, 1 bottle of calpis, 1 gallon of arizona tea, various cans of tuna, boxes of jello, boxes of matcha pudding mix, a package of egg noodles, basically anything that’s on sale, I’ll buy it. Especially if it lasts forever. I’m beginning to see how Chris managed to stock up her larder to its current war-suitable standards.

We have finally got the styrofoam out of the trunk of the car (that has been travelling around with us for more than a month and taking up ALL of the space in the trunk) because we’d been waiting for a time/reason to drive down to Renton to the styrofoam recycling plant.

For winter break, just for a hoot, we have decided to go to Alaska to try to catch the northern lights. Absolutely worst time to go, weather-wise. I’m not very good at saying ‘no’. So I just said ‘yes’ to this (obviously it wasn’t mine/ze’s idea) and am now part of this bizarre death wish to trek around in Alaska in the dead of winter. Jim Schoenfeldt would get a kick out of this. He’s always told me that the fishing up in Alaska is great, you can catch enough fish to last a whole year, etc.

Oh, my uncle got leukemia. He stays in the Netherlands, so it’s hard for any of us to go see him. My mum and my other uncle got their stem cells tested to see if there’s a match though, for when the first one needs a bone marrow transplant. He’s in the very poor risk category apparently, and my mum has been freaking out about it for a month. She’s the kind of person who doesn’t let things go. I don’t see what she can possibly do to make it better, and you know how uneducated people always try to give old home remedies as advice (to freaking cure cancer)? She’s been telling my cousin to give him supplements and beetroot juice because those are good for him. As if he doesn’t have an entire panel of dietitians in the hospital figuring out what he should eat and what meds go with the chemo.

She worries so much that people worry more about her than about my uncle, who is positively transcendent about this whole thing. He even recorded a message on whatsapp telling her not to worry, but when she’s gotten it into her head to worry, nothing is going to change that. It’s annoying as hell and there’s no talking to people like that. She gets offended when I’m cavalier, she gets offended when I don’t ask enough, she gets offended when I’m not concerned enough, etc. etc. And not being all cut up about it and stressed like her is also offensive. Gah.



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