School has started and we’re right in the thick of things. 3 (hard) problem sets a week, I’m amazed I’m keeping up at all after 2 years of slacking my ass off. I’m not doing it well of course, just well enough to keep my head above the water.

I like the teachers at U* a lot. They’re really funny and/or personable, apart from the one who keeps nagging us to keep up with the homework like a grandfather. I know he means well but it makes me feel like rebelling haha. Also I think they are a lot clearer in their exposition than the teachers I had at C*.

Our algebra prof has started offering money for every typo students spot in his notes! $1 a typo. J asked at the end of the class “So when you said you were offering money, you mean… cash, right?”
S: “That’s right! This is it guys, this is your chance to make millions from the comfort of your own home!”
J: “So on Monday, bring cash.”
People have been hunting for typos like clam-diggers and today he shelled out 6 bucks to two different students :P

And the topo prof is also really cute. He’s got a really weird style going on with lots of striped shirts and squeaky heeled shoes, which made me think he was 30+, but it turns out he’s nearly as old as our dads and got his PhD in the 80s :S Last week he closed the door after the lesson started and this student who was late knocked on the door, and he opened it, and was like “Does it not open?” The student said he tried opening the door but it wouldn’t open. Someone else piped out that that’s not possible since undergrads walk into our classroom mistakenly all the time (we have a fixed classroom for all the core grad classes) , so I told him “Why don’t you go out and try it?” He said “Do you want to try it? I would but I’m just worried that if I go out nobody will let me back in.” lol which was so endearing (and also exactly what I was thinking).

Today he was running through the schedule at the end of class. “So, I’ve pretty much said everything I want to say on this chapter and on Friday we’ll start on simplicial complexes… Your homework is also due then, so remember to turn it in… And then on Monday we’ll have the midterm.” And he just stopped there and started packing up his notes. There was a stunned silence in the class where everybody thought oh, did I miss something? Maybe I didn’t pay attention when he announced it. One student finally ventured to ask “Wait, what?” I swear my heart literally stopped beating. And then he burst out laughing and said “That was a joke guys” and all of us were like wth kind of joke is that haha.

ok I gotta go bust my ass for the algebra problem set, so I have time tomorrow to do the topo one, and then we can all start breathing on friday afternoon when the week is over. Pumpkin carving with ggy on saturday! I’m making a lasagna and perhaps matcha creme brulee.



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