Grad sch vs. A Real Job

Cons of going to grad school

  • Less free time
  • Subject material more technical
  • More deadlines
  • More stress
  • Need for original research
  • Late nights due to procrastination. When work at my office job is procrastinated, one can just do it the next day AT work
  • Less money for expenses in local bank i.e. can’t shop as much as before


Pros of going to grad school

  • Only go to school 3 times a week
  • Can do work in pajamas. Can also go to the office in pajamas.
  • Can wake up later
  • Shorter and more comfortable commute to work
  • Still get salary in Sg without doing work in Sg
  • Can do random stuff like write this post in the middle of the “working day” without guilt or anyone peering behind your back.

I think I prefer being here! It is kind of fun attending math classes again. The level of difficulty is drastically different here than at cornell, where everyone is sort of assumed to read on their own and have excellent foundations and to be really smart so some professors demand a lot and/or go really fast. My foundations aren’t that great so it’s nice to go for all these relaxing lectures hahah where even if I don’t give a 100% of my attention I can still get by and it doesn’t really compromise my learning.



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