Wah liddat I can also be an intern at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant lor.

As Ramsay went from station to station, tasting and critiquing each participant’s eggs, he also quizzed them on the cooking methods and the rationale behind them.

For instance, when reviewing their poached eggs, he asked if they had added vinegar to the water and if they had swirled the water in the pot before cracking the egg into it; and how long they cooked each egg for.

That’s all it takes? I’m waiting for my invitation!

Huge hoohah on fb about the finances of a certain student union. Both sides not on the same wavelength, and the published response is too lofty to appeal to the public’s sympathy, even if it is justifiable. Sounds just like governance in Singapore! Everyone still has a long way to go to understand language convergence, but it is the responsibility of the more intellectual to do a better job at it.

In other news, today is my last day of freedom D:

Edit: Here’s a lovely picture of Seattle:

and the accompanying comments:

Seattle today:
iGetOffOnMathematics 396 points : 26 replies : 2 hours ago reply
Stop, or more people will move here.
neverkilladuck 130 points : 11 replies : 2 hours ago reply
This is probably the one day it didn’t rain.
AnonymousArtist 4 points : 2 replies : an hour ago reply
Congratulations you took this shot on the one clear day that year
strangelyaddicting 3 points : 1 replies : 2 hours ago reply
Most places are beautiful when you over-saturate the hell out of your photos.
saukko 3 points : 1 replies : 2 hours ago reply
Fuck you and your mountains, I want mountains, I have no mountains. :(
lookingrefreshed 2 points : 27 minutes ago reply
I went to Seattle for TEN DAYS and it was grey skies EVERY FREAKIN DAY.
ben9105 2 points : 33 minutes ago reply
I’m pooping there now.
lucoli 2 points : 2 replies : 2 hours ago reply
It looks like you can simply walk to Mordor from Seattle.
LOLThisNigga 1 point : 2 hours ago reply
Which of the 4 non-rain days was this taken on?
ziIIah 1 point : 31 minutes ago reply
I love that Seattleites are calling this clear. “Well I know there are many clouds in the sky but there is light too so we call that clear.”
IPostSpoilersOnThePirateBay 1 point : 2 hours ago reply
Fake, it’s not raining.

That’s such a good vantage point though, and excellent HDR :P


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