Long hiatus

The dust has somewhat settled! I’ve not been updating this place for a pretty long time (don’t think people actually regularly check it anyway) because we had to make the monumental move from Singapore to Seattle. The ‘monumental’ part was furnishing the damn apartment, which apparently are unfurnished all over the US when you rent one, excepting the apartments in good ol’ Ithaca. So we were way out of our league buying beds and mattresses and tables etc. It is freakishly expensive! I felt like I was buying a new house. And then buying a car – we got a 2002 black Mazda protege from what the Washington State DOL calls a “curb-stoner” – a guy who is a dealer, sells cars only in cash, asks you to meet at a generic parking lot that is not his house, appears to sell lots of cars to lots of other people, etc. It’s a powerful (if old) little number that still has wind down windows. Liangze is going to zheng the stereo system so I can plug in my ipod. We’ve been driving in silence for about a week!

Also I’ve been using Whatsapp ever since opening the box of my Samsung Galaxy S5 and been updating everyone through there. Pickled Peas has also been sadly neglected although I do have a ton of food photos from Seattle to post and back posts to complete :S

Classes start next Wednesday! (i.e. the end of freedom and the start of the 45 hr work week) But LZ will be in Montreal from Sunday – Thurs during which I will probably have some time to edit my photos and update both blogs. The weather has been alternately cloudy and rainy the past few days, although the week started off pretty hot (about as hot as Singapore sometimes), but tomorrow promises to be a good day with 2% chance of precipitation, plus our explorer/discover/??? pass just arrived today which allows us to park our car at state parks :D, so we’ll be out hiking tomorrow!

I guess I’ve got to be thankful that at least I don’t have to TA any classes because of my sponsorship. It would really really suck to have to juggle TA-ing and catching up to the rest of the fresh grads. Plus they only let you TA calculus -.-



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