To Do

Haha here’s a throwback to my to-do list post I made a coupla months ago with things on it to settle. We are more or less packed I guess! But I still haven’t done a ton of stuff :S Notably all the wedding stuff lol. I haven’t even finalized the menu with my coordinator, nor found a caterer or tentage provider for my church wedding. Nor has the church confirmed my date. OK I don’t have time to think about that right now though, have to focus on moving first!

Fact of the day (courtesy of Quora):

Samosas are banned food in Somalia because they are too “western” and resemble the Holy Trinity symbol. Lol! I thought samosas were an Indian snack. And India seems to be decidedly east of Somalia. It’s sad but the only thing I know about Somalia was from an old Reader’s Digest article (we used to keep stacks of reader’s digests in the bathroom) about their practice of female genital mutilation. When I read about it (waaay back then) I didn’t even know it was a thing and couldn’t imagine (still can’t) why any culture would dream up something so painful to form part of their routine practice. Oh well, there are all kinds of crazy. Chinese have their bound feet, other African cultures have their ear rings and mouth discs, and I can’t remember where it is that has the neck rings. You’d think the path of least resistance would make an appearance when all these cultures build their norms but nope.

Anyways, I came up with a few checklists in a sad bid to get my very messy state of affairs in order.

Computer file management
– Convert all .wma files to .mp3 files
– Edit Italy photos, in particular
— Florence leg
— Piombino/Livorno leg
– Clear files from the Acer back up/Toshiba back up, i.e. dissolve them into existing folders for fonts, photos, and LR templates
– Dissolve files from the new Fujitsu backup into existing folders :S
– Get the Fujitsu running, or retrieve my files from the HD (Fernando Ortega CDs and other downloaded music)
– Upload home cooking photos
– Merge the Eating In/Eating Out folders

– Painting for Mingsee’s house (miscellaneous)
– Settle birthday presents for all family members up to next June – we’re partway there! Just have to get the present for J and also a box of his mum’s present and we’re done!
– Use the takashimaya vouchers Szeling gave us these vouchers last year that I haven’t managed to use because they’re only valid in the department store. We finally bought a cute polka dotted tote for Ting and a sake drinking set with the bottle and 4 cups for $41.90!
– Make new glasses finally made them in Isetan after shopping around at Takashimaya/Wisma Atria on saturday after D&SY’s wedding
– See a dentist
– Buy a smartphone (need to use LZ’s flexi dollars!), jailbreak it (apparently not necessary in SG?) We bought a Samsung Galaxy S5! The cover is mad fugly and I haven’t used it yet nor do I intend to use it until we leave in August. Whatsapp here I come! Very excited about sending yan yan photos of everything I eat lol.
– Redeem Jumbo dollars passed the card to my mum to use/redeem
– Use up Crystal Jade voucher passed the voucher to my dad to use/redeem

Predeparture list
– Get US visa (crop the photo we printed to 2″ x 2″) Just did our interviews on 15/7 and got the visas on 16/7 delivered to LZ’s office! Amazing efficiency!
– Book air tickets (Got J on that) – We are booked! Flying out of SG at 9:25am on 31st August on SQ :)( (ambivalent face) Our flights are not exactly the same – I am taking Alaskan Airways to Seattle from SFO one hour earlier than him; he’s flying Virgin, and this small difference saves us $200, enough to rent a car with! Nbd, my stopover in SFO will be 1 hr less than him and I’ll have to wait 1 hr for him in Sea-Tac. Most amazing part: How can a one-way ticket cost $2000? Gosh. Thank goodness I’m not paying for it.
– Settle wedding stuff (see next list)
– Find housing in Seattle (LZ got started on this, the 2 BR apartments seem to be about $1800 a month)
– Find car lots
– Book car in Ithaca (6th Sep – 11th Sep)
– Register for courses
Check price of season parking at UW – turns out it’s $423 per quarter (for staff), which would add up to $1269 a year. LZ won’t have to pay for the UPASS, but I may still have to pay for mine, which is $76 per quarter :S If it’s included in the tuition that’s fine and good.

Wedding stuff to do
– Find videographer
– Ask ggy if he’ll be the photographer
– Determine names (family blocks) that will go on wedding dinner cards
– Address and seal the cards
– Save the dates – to collate people’s addresses for the wedding dinner cards
– Ask G if he’ll help to coordinate ushers/clean up/general logistics We got Candy to do general coordination on the day itself
– Ask the worship team members if they’ll play
– Determine the angpow amt for each role in the service
– Confirm booking of the church for 11th July
– Find an event planning company to settle chairs, tentage, extra AC
– Find a florist/balloonist
– Collate all wedding items/deco/props and dump them into storage box for easy access next year
– Dinner tasting
– Find a caterer for the lunch reception at church
– Find a company to do the bridal gown/suit/car decor/evening gown/make up (so far we have one quote at $1988 that does all of those)



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