New phone

I finally got a new phone! It’s a samsung galaxy s5, and I got it cause Kim Soo Hyun is endorsing the brand haha. Although technically real fans of his would be boycotting Samsung round about now because they didn’t put KSH and JJH together at their roadshow, but I’m not really a diehard fan of the both of them. They have great chemistry, but I couldn’t care less that they appeared separately in the roadshow in Beijing. Anyway a lot of people I know also use this brand, and it seems decent enough. Not sure about its photo taking abilities yet, because I haven’t really tried it out. I’m probably only unboxing it and setting up the after I’m done with work, since it’s got a camera and I can’t exactly bring that to the office.

So all the typical retailers (Singtel, Starhub, even the Samsung shop) carry the 16Gb model for something like $988 and the 32Gb one for $1068. The reason we were buying it in singapore is because LZ needs to use up his flexi dollars haha, he’s got about $200 odd to use and we haven’t really got anything to buy. We found this quiet little shop in Far East Plaza called Mobile Square that sold the 32Gb model for a mere $845, more than $200 less than in the Samsung shop. With his flexi dollars that’s nearly $400 shaved off the original price, and I’d only be paying something like $600 for it. Which is still more expensive than ALL the phones I’ve ever bought in my entire life, combined. (There were probably 5 nokias in Singapore, one motorola (maybe $50) from Best Buy, and then another two nokias from AT&T which were like $15 each, and another nokia (£14) from the Orange shop)). I don’t really get why it’s more expensive than my ipad, but whatever.

I also finished reading the Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy. In three days. I don’t know how long I stayed up last night to finish it (didn’t check the time), but I was super tired this morning. It’s really not fair of an author to not conclude his second book satisfactorily and make the reader wait until the 3rd book to get any sort of closure. Gah! I was totally going to stop after the 2nd book yesterday so I could get cracking on this literature review but wound up starting on the 3rd book because the 2nd one ended with a cliffhanger!

The series was both disturbing and violent and portrayed the male species to only have one good egg in every carton of ten. I wonder if this statistic is roughly true. Or perhaps only in Sweden? I do find Singaporean males a lot more inhibited than in other countries (but perhaps it’s cause I only know the nerds), but I can’t imagine any of my friends would commit an act of violence against any woman. People who are not my friends, especially the creepy guys at work, I find them more than capable of anything really. Just a few months after I entered one of my colleagues remarked over lunch that he could see the bra strap through the blouse of this random girl sitting in the canteen. I was shocked. How on earth was that work appropriate? And wtf did he have a mental age of 3 or something. He was 27 that year, mind you. I guess I started despising him (among others) ever since and he has given me no reason to stop.

The antagonists in Larsson’s novels are much more sinister than this, although neither has excusable behaviour.



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