One of the search terms to my food blog is, hilariously,

Wonder why it matters to anybody. Do they want to recruit me? Or perhaps, you want to find a paying job with so little work that you can write that extensively ON the job? :P
Too bad my non-intensive job is not exactly for unskilled people. Or at least, the unskilled people with my job really struggle in the lab.

If you don’t know any math or how to program you would be completely lost. Also I guess it kinda helps to be great at both of those so work can be quickly completed and one would have lots of time left over to write lots and lots of food entries. Admittedly I haven’t been doing too much work lately but I do have a job I need to get done and I generally get work done before the deadline! So I am reliable in that respect, just not so reliable at not doing last minute jobs :P

I now have a system where I only blog about 2-3 times a month, completing entries for about half a month at a time and distributing their publishing dates across every other day. Photo editing and hosting is also done about 2 times a month on average. So it’s really not that time consuming!

We also finally tried dukbokki at the Takashimaya Food fair yesterday.

I didn’t know if I would like it (rice cakes are not really my thing) so we bought a bag of these dukbokki flavoured chips to see if we’d like those first, and they’re really nice!

The real deal however, was not. I guess our methodology was flawed in the first place – you can’t tell if you’re going to like a food just because you like its equivalent potato chip flavour. I mean, liangze really really liked it, but it was waay too spicy and too kim-chi-ey for me. I have no idea how he managed to down it, but he was sweating buckets by the time he was done and was almost as sweaty as after his IPPT. The koreans in dramas make it look so easy! They eat it with no fortifications at all – I had to leave halfway to purchase a cold drink to combat the spiciness of the rice cakes. I don’t think it’s as bad as our hottest sambal, but for some reason the chilli paste (gochujang) used in that rendition was really spicy.

The rice cakes used in the Taka version were a little stiff and short, I still wouldn’t mind going to Korea in the dead of winter to try a more authentic version. We also tried the goguma mattang/candied sweet potato chunks (at which the shopkeeper tried to cheat me of a fiver by returning the wrong change – petty theft is so depressing)

and I really liked those, although they are a little filling. The candied exterior of the sweet potato is rather stiff and crunchy whereas the inside of the sweet potato is moist and soft. Also good wintry food.


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