I posted this recently on fb as a protest against singapore’s national library pulping these children’s books that feature gay families. One of them was a picture book about a penguin who had two fathers. And they pulped it. Seriously.

One of my friends commented that she’s “not sure” she can agree with Wilde. Well yes, in the real world, people disagree, and coexist with all their different opinions, instead of shutting down other people’s opinions by pulping their books. It’s utterly ridiculous!

One of the biggest regrets I have from being a Christian is coming into contact/having to be friends with/having to be civil to this large pool of bigots and totally unthinking people. My father asked me what I thought of the pink dot movement and he said it was worrying because he thinks the “end days” are coming and that the human race is sinking into depravity. Oh. My. God.

So what if the “end days” are coming? In the first place, one is not to speculate when Christ returns; it is a futile endeavour. In the second place, it should not modify your behaviour in the slightest. What, does the idea of impending armageddon inspire you to be more homophobic than usual? Give me a break. It’s like half (or the whole) of their brains are not functioning properly (if at all). What kind of half-assed argument is that? I hope they repeal the law. Just so that the line is clearly drawn between church and state. And so christians here stop being so entitled they feel like everything in their scripture should be legislated in the public sphere.

And supposedly christians believe that the God of christians gave us free will. It is really ANNOYING when christians do NOTHING to protect this free will but instead force their beliefs on other people to help them become better people. Only in singapore do you see people being so patronizing without even being aware of it.



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