Modern Music

“I might end up never firing the pistol. Contrary to Chekhov’s principle.” (Chekhov’s principle: Once a gun appears in a story, it has to be fired at some point.)
“That’s fine too,” Tamaru said. “Nothing could be better than not firing it. We’re drawing close to the end of the twentieth century. Things are different from back in Chekhov’s time. No more horse-drawn carriages, no more women in corsets. Somehow the world survived the Nazis, the atomic bomb, and modern music. Even the way novels are composed has changed drastically. So it’s nothing to worry about.”
I really like Tamaru’s character. He’s the quintessential professional assassin, with a tremendous literary background to boot. He was my favourite character in the book! Somewhat like Scott Adam’s savant garbageman in Dilbert.

Now that I have finished 1Q84 (and all the levels on Candy Crush) within 2 days of each other, I have no idea what I’ll do with myself on the commute. Maybe I’ll finally get started on all those books I’ve downloaded and read the Millenium trilogy. Or finally figure out how to play video files with subtitles on my ipad so I can watch dramas on the way to work. I skipped the last ep of Boys Over Flowers (So. Draggy.) and started on Personal Taste, which is much more brisk. My favourite character in Personal Taste is Sang Jun, he is such a comic actor! And the master of actually funny inappropriate jokes.

If I ever visit Japan I should really like to go to Kyoto to see what Murakami’s hometown is like.



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