Oh dear. I have started falling for the wiles of Lee Min Ho! (He did nothing for me in the Heirs or in Boys over Flowers but is so cute in Personal Preference) I think he is not that obviously handsome (oddly shaped nose and oddly shaped teeth haha) but when he acts you always feel that he is completely in love with his female costars. That’s also a kind of attraction I guess?
Also, I found out that he plays songs on repeat like me. If I like a song I’ll put it on repeat for the whole week lol. LZ hates it when I do that, but Cosmo (omg am I really reading cosmo now lol) reports that

LMH: My personality is the kind that I have to persevere in whatever I love. For example, if I like a song, I will keep playing it for many days. If I play a game, I will keep playing until I reach the highest score.

Also, in less than one year, we will be married! I should probably try to get all these Korean hotties out of my system oh dear.

I completely hated him in the Osim advertisement, looking all smug and even ugly reclining in that armchair, but he looks way better when he acts! Maybe he should hold off on the CFs. Don’t worry Soo-Hyun ssi, you are still first in my heart! Min Ho’s female costars are all more like the Nodame/Kim Sam Soon type characters, but he’s not as silently broody as Chiaki-senpai either. I guess a female in search of self-preservation would be more naturally attracted to guys who are warmer, more open hearted and caring as opposed to cool, suave, unfeeling sods.



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