Random gobbets

Gosh. I can’t believe one of the cast of Boys over flowers committed suicide. She’s one of the trio of mean girls who were supremely irritating in the drama :S Yikes. Apparently both her parents died in a car accident when she was in high school, which has got to be pretty rough. She hanged herself. That was during the filming itself, and episode 20 had a condolence to her family at the start of the episode.

On a separate note, I really like the paintings in Yoon Ji Hoo’s abode – and am having problems finding the names of the artwork and the painters. We also saw a shop with really nice paintings in Cluny Court – basically exotic sorts of cockatoos set against seaside type backdrops. Very simple (to copy :P)

view of the white house

Here’s one I want to copy, along with all the naif art of Norberto.

This is a great post about how to make perfectly crispy, browned hashbrowns, although in this case, I think ‘hashbrowns’ are loosely defined, and are more like a rosti than anything else. LZ’s dad doesn’t like hashbrowns, for reasons I can’t fathom. Probably this is not the sort of hashbrown he doesn’t like, he doesn’t like the one from mcdonalds, which he claims are not real potatoes.

This article on bagelnomics – or how to not spend $800 on bagels with cream cheese for breakfast in a year, investigates the amount of cream cheese bagel shops in New York spread on your bagel when you ask for one with cream cheese and compares it to how much they sell a 1/2lb of cream cheese for, and then poses the question: why don’t people just buy the cream cheese from the shop and slap it on themselves? Since adding cream cheese to your bagel can more than double the price of the bagel in some cases.

I miss bagels! And vegetable cream cheese. My favourite thing to order in CTB is the Soho, which is a croissant spread with vegetable cream cheese, tuna spread, and some other melted swiss if i’m not wrong. agh.



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