Finally finished the wedding invite!

I finally cracked open the little pot of amedei Tuscan nutella (which is awesome btw) that Maifen gave me and am dipping pretzel sticks into it – a crazy amazing combination! The sea salt on the pretzels give so much depth. It’s like upper crust Yan Yan and it makes me feel like I’m in my cubicle chalet again.

Anyway, this post is about the wedding dinner invites which we finished last night! Took two nights of TeXing but I am rather pleased with the results


The first page of the wedding dinner invite is usually the Chinese text. We did away with that since neither of us speak Mandarin really nor do any of our relatives. So we decided to quote a Frank O’Hara poem which Mingsee first introduced to me.


The second page is the English invitation, which we have also tweaked quite a bit to be more informal. No more silly handphone numbers for RSVP-ing, everything should be online by now. Don’t you love the Koch snowflake? There’s a rather strange gap in the middle between our names and where the message begins where I intend to write the addressees’ names in silver/mint ink. The outer card itself is a pearly mint color.

LZ did about half the TeXing under my direction (move this up, down, left, right, etc.) and I am happy to report he is much better at TeX than he is at Photoshop lol (which we were using for D&SY’s wedding prezi). I haven’t set up my MikTeX properly on my new laptop yet so couldn’t compile the tex file, especially fancy things like this require a lot of packages/style files and somehow my package manager wasn’t downloading them on the fly.

In other news, this article on image recognition apps is really interesting. I just received the link in my inbox this morning because I subscribed to her newsletter after reading Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore.



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