While designing our wedding dinner invitations, we discovered that the command to remove page numbers from a TeX document was “\pagenumbering{gobble}”
How adorable is that??

We played cards over the weekend (Bang, 6 little pigs, Citadels) and everybody was late as usual. I am really quite amazed that they think their time is worth more than mine – which is basically the implication of being late, isn’t it? It is perfectly OK to make me and liangze wait for more than 1 hour (that’s how late they are) and to waltz in as and when they please. They are the only people I meet (as a group) who are always late (not just 5 minutes late, like 1-2 hrs late) and I am thinking of filtering them out. I’m pretty inflexible about this. All the friends I keep are people who know how to respect other people’s time, and it’s totally necessary because I don’t have a lot of time to waste waiting around for people – every second I spend is usually beneficial if not to me than to someone else. Especially now we only have 2 months left here – we have to design our invitations, do a lot of wedding planning stuff, finish D&SY’s prezi, apply for our visa, book our plane tickets, find our accomms, settle the banking stuff. It’s fortunate that we never applied for phone lines here to cancel – we’ve always been using prepaid plans because we don’t really like to go out with people all that often nor want to be bothered by incessant calls/texts. My ideal is if people come to my house so I don’t actually have to leave it. I don’t mind cooking for them. But I hate leaving the house unnecessarily.

I guess the moral of the story is to not make friends with people who have nothing going on in their lives that their time is basically fluid and they assume the same of other people. The best case scenario is to make friends with people who are as busy as you. People who need google calendar to keep track of their appointments and make it to them on time.

To some degree I like meeting guys much more than girls because they usually seem to assume that I am as busy as if not busier than they are and actively try not to be late/waste my time. Perhaps it’s a gentlemanly thing but all my guy friends are absolutely flawless in this regard.

The main problem with filtering them out is that I like playing cards with them. LZ doesn’t enjoy it as much because he’s the only guy, and he also feels like the weakest link so if there are team games (like 80 points or 6 little pigs) he gets stressed out about pulling his team behind lol. He also has pretty little stamina so doesn’t like playing for long stretches (unlike me – I can play for hours and hours). I think they’re really fun people though, when I’m not being pissed off at their tardiness.

Today we got the deed signings out of the way! LZ got his dad and his aunty to sign, mine was completed before XY left for Sydney because she signed it for me. One step closer to departure~ We treated them to a lunch at Pietrasanta, one of the places with the best burratas in Singapore. It wasn’t just for signing though, yesterday’s chch election results are out and his dad has been voted in as the senior pastor with a 99.2% majority across all 4 services – a practically unanimous decision. It’s a good thing we won’t be around for his first 4 year term lol to besmirch his name :P I still remember when I first told Daniel that LZ’s dad was a pastor. He had this O_O look and said “His dad is a pastor??” lol! As far as christians from his chch go I guess we are pretty unconventional. But as far as pastors go he’s also pretty unconventional. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.



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