Recording resonance

I kind of want to bring this blog back to where it used to be when it started- records of little snippets of life that resonates more with a person. So this is the beginning of what I suppose will be shelved under a new category – [Resonance] of things that have passed that should not be forgotten. The smell of a rainy day when everything goes wrong,the taste of my coffee after a wonderful meal (bittersweet), the pattern of the cloth pouch used to hold the cutlery in a French restaurant (red gingham), the glare of the fluorescent lamps in the late night bus we take home from the airport after sending a friend off to a distant country.

After the piano concert that day we were subtly trying to throw off some of his colleagues to go to dinner by ourselves. They were perfectly nice people, decent, funny in a pinch (if I understood Chinese), and they were people who were actively seeking to increase the cultural value of their experiences – a noble pursuit. We told them about Sebastiao Salgado’s photo exhibit at the National Museum and they were serious about checking it out, so we gave them the brochure. Then we headed to the Cathay to walk in old corridors where we first discovered this grungy underbelly of shops that sold everything from neon jewellery to porcelain plates.

The first thing I spotted upon entering the building was this adorable stuffed iguana?newt? hybrid that was green all over and looked remarkably like Quincy Fox in Foxtrot, a secondary school classic. Not many people knew this but I actually gave myself the same name when I was in primary school out of great fondness for the iguana that used to poop in Paige Fox’s shoes. I guess I had a teeny little crush on Jason Fox, the Sheldonesque archetypal geek character.

So Liangze bought it for me. It has bulbous grey eyes that make it look like it has been simultaneously loved and not washed for a long, long time, even though it is brand new.

Someone should start a company manufacturing brand new ratty looking stuffed toys – I think they endear themselves to people more quickly than something that is made ratty over time.

The best part about my iguana-newt? It’s got no tags BUT they bothered to give him eyebrows. I love little superfluous details like that.



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