Random cooking

First, a cool article on uses of the word ‘namaste’ from the new yorker.

So here’s the backlog of stuff I’ve cooked since April I think.

Lemon trofie in salsa di noci with prawns and mushrooms – from Maifen’s stash of Italian produce. Haven’t learnt to white-balance properly in Lightroom yet although the photos can only get better!

Packed lunch Mondays – when the science park shuttle doesn’t go anywhere interesting and I usually try to pack something to bring with us to work. Since we just bought some japanese rice from ramen play I made onigiri with quail eggs in yakitori sauce, honey braised tofu (a la din tai fung), and salt baked chicken salad from nex. The rice was a little hard though, I think I should have added some sushi vinegar.

Spinach farfalle with porcini sauce – this was more recent, when I had lm and J over for dinner at Maifen’s place. The spinach farfalle from S. Gimignano was really good! More egg in their pasta than the regular Barilla durum wheat pasta I buy in the supermarket here.

Baked Morrocan eggs for gracia and jason. Actually I was just trying to copy the eggs at Wild Honey. It turned out pretty good! The sauce is made out of tomato sauce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and chorizo. Probably a bunch of other stuff I don’t remember.

The lavender/slate table setting when we got this dried lavender from L’Occitane. The olive oil is from an olive farm in Italy, the vase and the tealight holder is from Opus, Oxford St in Sydney, and the placemat is from Crate & Barrel.

And the cute animal spoons Gracia got for me from china when she was there on work attachment (I think). They are especially cute on this mug from the national museum!



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