Mummy’s cooking

LZ asked me the other day: why don’t I take pictures of my mum’s food?
And I thought, that’s true, I should take pictures of her food. After all, she is a magnificent cook, particularly when she puts her mind to it (i.e. when I tell her LZ is coming to our place for dinner.)

I love her Hainanese pork chop. You can’t actually see the pork here cause it’s covered in her pineapple/tomato/onion sauce but her breading is perfect (better than some Hainanese I know…)

She also likes making yam rice although I’m not a huge fan of this. Yam rice is a predominantly Teochew thing I think. Don’t like how carb-y it is.

This was really nice – steamed tofu with eggwhite and tea tree mushrooms. She always has random boxes of eggwhites left in the fridge because of my tiramisu and sabayon (I made zabaglione two weekends in a row, which is egg yolk intensive). She’s also recently been introduced to Yifon’s bottled tea tree mushrooms, which are topping the silken tofu here. I really love tofu but it has to be seasoned/braised properly.

This was a surprise: braised vegetables with wolfberries and shiitake and hidden dumplings! I’ve never had it before, and I think she’s actually never made dumplings before either, although I made them all the time in cornell (can’t get decent yaki gyoza anywhere – not that mine were great but they were not bad).

This is a childhood favourite – I think she only invented it when I was in secondary school: Corn soup fusilli with salmon and broccoli. I’ve no idea what she adds to the Campbell’s corn soup that makes the pasta so amazing but its exactly that – amazing. One good thing about this is I can probably replicate it in the US. She used to make it with cut up chicken sausage but now she uses salmon since it’s healthier.

Thanks for cooking such amazing food for us even when you’re working!



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