Bibi’s birthday lunch

Bb had her birthday at the tail end of May and so I invited her over to my place for lunch on an especially lazy saturday.

I had easy stuff planned – particularly when you’re going to roast vegetables. I also pre-marinated (or liangze pre-marinated) a chicken the night before to make oven baked rotisserie chicken. It was fabulous. This is my go-to recipe for rotisserie chicken. It’s perfect, although I substitute the cayenne pepper with chilli powder (presumably the same thing?) cause we haven’t got cayenne pepper here.

This was the full spread.

And here’s the roast sticky rotisserie chicken! As good as the one in Ithaca, if not better, because this is halal and the chickens here are less GM-ed than in the US.

Since I am actively trying to use up the ingredients I brought home from Italy, here are the roasted potatoes that every Italian restaurant serves as a contorno. We brought back the roast potato seasoning from one of their supermarkets.

I also decided to roast zucchini, which was grown in Malaysia but had a strange fishy taste. Zucchini is not really popular here in home cooking I think. We do a lot of leafy greens and even though it features hugely in what passes for Chinese food in America, it’s just not on here.

Here’s the flower arrangement I did while LZ was fiddling with the chicken. The madeleines are from the ABC bakery in Asia Square towers, my new favourite boulangerie that does perfect financiers and madeleines. I even bought a madeleine tray recently so as not to spend all my money buying their madeleines (I pass by the one at the Metropolis every day, which is really dangerous. That early in the morning though, they don’t carry madeleines, which is a relief). The wooden plate and vase is from Franc Franc, which has since shuttered here, the coasters are from Crate & Barrel (as are the other blue casserole dishes you see in this post in which I roasted the chicken and the zucchini), and the table mat is a bronze striped tea cloth from Kikki K.



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