Last supper with Xingyan

By the time this gets posted, xingyan will have left for Sydney and I won’t get to see her again for more than a year! We had lunch yesterday at the university club (she was one of the sureties for my scholarship) and when I found out she was coming back in December I was really happy until I remembered that I‘m not around in December .__.

About two weeks ago we had a cookout at my place that was semi-successful: I made

A porcini/truffle crepe with the truffle fondutina from S. Gimignano for lunch after church on Sunday. I was trying to replicate this delicious truffle crespelle we had at S. Gimignano in La Mangiatoia. I found the truffle fondutina far too thick though and also too salty. Don’t have much Williams Sonoma crepe mix left! Just as well we’re going to Seattle soon.

Here’s the filling of the crepe – diced cremini, truffle paste, and rehydrated porcini.

I made a tiramisu the day before and froze it and we ate it out of the tub with spoons :D

I am going to miss herrr. She’s going to Sydney as an accountant at PWC as part of one of their 2 year exchange programs. No idea when I can visit her in Sydney either :S considering we have the wedding next year and quals and stuff. All our third wheels are fast leaving us – first Raghu with the movies and now her with the dinner dates. Soon we will have no friends left in geographical proximity!



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