Italian food

I’ve been cooking quite a bit to try to finish using the jars and jars of pestos and sauces we brought back from italy :P My mum saw our stash and said I wouldn’t be able to finish using any of it by the time I leave for Seattle but I’ll prove her wrong!
As of this moment, I have already used
1. The green pesto from Eataly
2. The truffle fondutina from the San Gimignano market
3. One entire packet of porcini mushrooms
4. The spinach egg farfalle
5. Half a bottle of truffle paste
6. The parmesan cream sauce from Italy
7. About half a block of parmesan from the Mercato Centrale in Florence

The parmesan cream sauce went into a parmesan risotto with asparagus and bacon:

I made this at Maifen’s house but only for LZ and me because she was busy bringing her Thai visiting lecturers to Orchard Rd. Apparently when Thai people come here, they have to visit Garretts for a popcorn fix as well as Charles and Keith, because Charles and Keith is cheaper here than in Thailand? Weird. Is it marketed/marked up as an upmarket Kate Spade type brand there? The same way Kate Spade is marked up from the US prices to be an upmarket brand here? They also claim that the Singaporean Garretts is different from the Hong Kong/Malaysia one so they specially buy boxes and boxes of Garrett’s popcorn home. It’s amazing!

I really liked the risotto – in the process of making it we discovered that carnaroli rice is superior in starch-releasing powers as compared to arborio. And the 1kg of rice was only 3 euros.

I made far too much risotto though – we had lots left over, and it wasn’t nice when reheated the next day :(

This was a simple pesto capellini I prepared on the same day as the lemon poppyseed cakes – which was when we started work on D & S’s wedding prezi. I was toying with the idea of both of us doing design work at my dining table with lavazza coffee and lemon poppyseed cake for refreshment. Wound up in my room instead (where the air conditioning is) but the picture in my mind was pretty much there. It wasn’t serene AT ALL though, I was really irritated that day because I was working with LZ, who is decidedly less competent at photoshop/design related things, and was always a few steps behind or I had to do the work I assigned to him. What I need is an assistant who understands and can anticipate my every need, and whose work I do not need to correct. It would also have been nicer to have a work desk though! We certainly would invest in one with ergonomic chairs for our future house. Perhaps a solid oak table from Crate & Barrel.

The pesto capellini wasn’t exactly what I was aiming for – probably because I drizzled some strange white truffle oil (decidedly NOT white truffle oil) on top of it which gave it a strange whiff that conflicted with the pesto from Eataly. Should have used some pecorino romano with it – the parmesan we brought back from Emilia-Romagna wasn’t strong enough.



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