A note

Dear American middle schoolers: Stop googling your English homework answers and actually DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Do you know how many hits I have to my blog just because some lazy, illiterate teenager can’t be bothered to read the set text? Just yesterday one of the search terms was “the wednesday wars who couldn’t open the telegram” (<- also, bad google technique). The Wednesday Wars is a perfectly easy, short, meaningful book that you could probably finish reading in the time it takes for you to google answers to everything. It’s no wonder college students have such poor command of English today. I peer marked an essay once at Cornell that spelt the same word three different ways in a single essay. You don’t want to be that person.


I’ve finally reached page 50/1370 on Soompi in the You From Another Star thread (chronologically speaking, the first two episodes have just aired in the Soompi timeline that is page 50/1370) and there have been at least 10 posts recapping Do Min Joon’s gratuitous shower scene and at least 5 fans wondering how the OTP (One True Pairing – used to distinguish the couple that will end up together in a korean drama from the many red herrings along the way) will get a kiss scene if the alien, as explained in the drama, cannot exchange blood and saliva with human beings, and wondering what will happen to Do Min Joon if he kisses Cheon Song Yi. It’s hilarious. “Will he die? Will he turn into a normal human being? Maybe the bad effects are not on him but on the person he kisses and his saliva is poisonous to humans?” Everyone there is very concerned that they will not get a kiss scene haha.

And then they posted the article where the OTP appeared on a late night talkshow and the host asked KSH if he was expecting a kiss scene with JJH and he said “I requested the writers…” and covered his mouth and said “oops, was I being too honest?” !!!! haha it’s cute how he doesn’t bother acting cool about it at all even though at this point I think more people in Korea/the world at large would rather kiss him than her haha.

Reading Soompi/Drama Beans is great because I get to find out about various metas I never observed while watching the show. E.g. when CSY wonders why Min Joon doesn’t recognize her even though she’s the biggest star in Korea and wonders if he’s an alien or from North Korea lol. I watched Secretly, Greatly after You from another star, so didn’t get the North Korean reference at first (He acted as a North Korean spy in Secretly, Greatly).

This is what he looks like when he wins at mahjong lol. I wonder if Korean mahjong has different winning combinations from Shanghainese/Hong Kong mahjong.

I really like this white sweater, which he wears while asking Hwi Kyung to clean the drunk Song Yi out of his house hah and then smoothly hides the fact that he doesn’t have a cellphone and still uses a pager.

LZ has been picking up Korean script recently, he claims to understand the lyrics of the songs that they play as drama soundtracks since those are not subbed, but I think it’s cause he’s an even bigger/more serious fan than me. Not of Kim Soo Hyun of course, of whom he is still jealous, but maybe of someone else, or Korean dramas in general. He found this really funny quote about current day Korean script (Hangul) – when they switched over from using Chinese characters (Hanja):

Hangul was designed so that even a commoner could learn to read and write; the Haerye says “A wise man can acquaint himself with them before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten days.”

I suppose our latin alphabet is for even more intellectually challenged people.



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