I love this post about Soompi.

That’s how businesses should start – as something you do for fun, that becomes profitable. Of course I’m not saying ALL businesses should work that way, probably 85% of the world would malfunction if people just did what they liked to do and not what needs to be done, my job included. How awesome it would be to be a drama subber though, where you just watch dramas all day and maintain forums about different dramas! It would be the ideal life. Of course it’s difficult to sub a drama, I know because I’ve done it before and you have to watch and rewatch certain bits just to catch what they are saying if it’s not your native language or if the characters are mumbling. Speaking of which I’ve been doing this survey to find out what languages influence my English and I got this weird result:


No idea what’s going on. It’s interesting though because they use your results to train their algorithm and apparently a lot of Singaporeans have been getting ‘Singaporean’ on their language influences.

So I’ve been camping out on Soompi the past few days reading the You from another Star forum thread, which has a whopping 1370 pages and I’m only on page 22. I read it sometimes when I’m on a break at work too but can’t get very far because of all the embarrassing gifs and stuff. There were like 10 posts (before the drama came out, just screen grabbed from the first trailer) from Kim Soo Hyun’s shower scene – they just had to work it into the drama to grab a fan base I guess. I like text based social sites the best (like quora) because you can read it pretty stealthily at work :P

One of the co-founders of Soompi is from cornell! And I find it intriguing that there are boys on the site as well haha. I don’t think dramas are really a “girl” thing per se but I do think that not many asian boys are open-minded enough to watch them because they will be viewed as being ‘girly’, which is incredibly retarded but there you have it.

The majority or 81 percent of Soompi members are Asian, while 8 percent are white, 5 percent are multi-ethnic and the rest are African-American, Hispanic and other ethnicities. The most surprising fact was 60 to 80 percent of the non-Asian groups said they “know some Korean.’’

This was awesome. When you hear about the Hallyu wave, it doesn’t mean anything until you see stats like this, that and the fact that You from another star made the front page of the Washington Post sometime earlier this year.

“It’s mostly non-Koreans, as opposed to 7 or 8 years ago when majority were Korean-Americans. Now Korean Americans are a minority on the site. We have ever growing number of people who are not even Asian. We have Caucasians, African-Americans, Middle East, Latin American, South East Asians,’’ Kim said.

Apparently South East Asians are “not even Asian” hahah. If I had known that I would definitely have declared myself as “non-Asian” on my apps just to be even more minority. I already did NOT declare that I was Chinese because of the vast difference between well China Chinese and Singaporean Chinese, and even in that category, the vast difference between Singaporean Chinese, and well, me. To be most truthful I guess if I had to define my ethnicity in terms of values and language it would probably belong to the “white” group haha which would definitely reduce my minority score :P

Soompi stands out because of its tight-knit community and its members. “Soompi is very community-focused, not just information or gossip-focused. It feels like home to many, and there are many members who have literally grown up on the site ― from Junior High to High School to College to getting married and having children,’’ Kang said.

Noticeably, the Soompi forums are relatively free from the anti-fans and trolls who frequent K-pop websites to post vitriolic comments that rile up fans.

“I think our biggest defining feature is our members. Our members are the ones who do the subtitles, episode recaps and organize fan meetings,’’ Kim said. “We have good members.”

I like being part of this family. Everyone has the same interests here and are like really competent sounding females who do all these entertainment related “work” over and above their actual work. I get to see a ton of articles about my favourite person and not just that, a zillion other people who have the same favourite person as me. Their (extremely professional) creative output (photoshop CFs, MVs, etc.) fuelled by the Kim Soo Hyun fever
could probably run a small entertainment company. Everyone seems to have basic video editing/photoshop skills, or at the least the capability to pick it up with no problems. That’s one of the things I’m really proud of my generation for – it seems everyone can do basic media editing that jobs that used to be highly professional/specialized can now be done by any fangirl picked off the street. In fact from personal experience I have found that most of the work I’ve seen by fans are much better than the equivalent done by professionals, especially in the area of subtitling. Maybe it’s because they’re driven by passion rather than money, or just have better language skills, I don’t know (it’s clear from Soompi that Korean dramas have a huge native English speaking fanbase), but typically when I buy the DVD for a drama after watching the HD torrented version, the legally produced subtitles in the DVDs often have broken English and are extremely disappointing, which makes my purchase of the DVD just a legal formality. If I ever wanted to watch a drama again it is pretty unlikely that I would hunt for the DVD with the crap subtitles but instead just watch the version I’ve downloaded even if I had the DVD.

OK time for today’s Kim Soo Hyun fix:

He took home the best new actor in a movie and the popularity awards for both drama and movie category at the recent Baeksang awards! I’m sad that he didn’t win the best actor in a drama award this time though, I’m sure he would have preferred that to the Popularity awards.



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