Recipe Roundup

Here’s a great article on boiling perfectly shellable eggs, without air dimples and all. Here are the key poitns extracted for you
1. Boil eggs that are at least 2 weeks old
2. Give the eggs a hot start, i.e. directly from the fridge, gently lowered into the water
3. Shock them immediately after in ice cold water for about 15 minutes before peeling

“Sure, sometimes you want to serve your hard boiled eggs hot. My advice for those times? Serve them in the shell so that if they don’t peel well, it’s your guests who will feel inadequate. This is a good strategy for instilling a bit of insecurity and fear in them before a brunch-time debate over politics or religion.”

Also, an interesting recipe for super fudgey brownies that does not call for Dutch process cocoa for I do not have any. I’m especially keen to try this since it will use up the many blocks of unsweetened chocolate I accidentally asked LZ to purchase for me when what I needed was semi sweet. The peanut butter and sea salt one also looks really interesting.
Most useful tip from the article: whisk the sugar into the yolks until they dissolve completely (as if you are making a creme patissiere or cream puff custard or creme brulee), so that the sugars will rise while baking to form a nice smooth glass like crust on your brownie.



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