We went to and came back from Italy in the last two weeks (which explains the lack of posts) and had a really buona vacanza. Lots of sun, sand, seafood, and such amazing pasta! All will be blogged about separately. This post is to announce that…
…Since the inception of my food blog (sometime last year I think), the total number of hits on that blog has overtaken the number of hits on this blog (started maybe 4 years ago?)!

It gets 50-100 hits a day from greedy people looking for food and has reached >11k hits and a whole lot of followers! I wish I were above this sort of thing but I am rather happy about it. This Friday my friend Fabio’s Italian restaurant is opening in Clover Avenue in Bishan and I am extremely happy to be covering that!

Here’s a picture of a daisy filled lawn in San Gimignano, in the heart of Tuscany just within the fort’s walls. Italy is full of high walled forts like this that you can either take an elevator/escalator up to. I imagine it must have taken a lot more effort to scale these forts in the time when they were built.

Also, Lz informed me of the closed fb group consisting of people who are going to live in our future HDB estate. We ordered a built-to-order flat, which means they are only just starting construction, but already the people in this fb group have banded together to meet their future neighbors and discuss things like contractors and air conditioning etc. It’s kinda cute and also kinda creepy. Like I don’t want to be walking around my HDB estate and have someone recognizing me by face and calling out my name randomly just because they checked out and remembered everyone in the fb group. On the other hand if I ever quit my job I suppose I could offer cooking/piano lessons on that portal.



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