Moon embracing the Sun

(5th May 2014)

So the whole weekend was burnt watching the Moon embraces the Sun, a sageuk, or period drama, set in the Joseon era in which Kim Soo Hyun plays the King. The first five episodes are filled with the child actors (younger versions of the main cast), I had to fast forward to the end to make sure I was really watching a drama involving him – I’m not really a period drama type person but if he’s in it and gets a lot of scenes, i’m not going to complain. Plus, the ratings for the Moon embraces the Sun were crazy high, like 40% – which is unprecedented in K-drama history. And I trust Korean viewers to be thoughtful about their drama diets, considering the plethora of dramas they get to watch there.

The Moon embraces the Sun has 20 episodes, all extremely fulfilling and directed (no filler, apart from the weird zither performance at the end), and had a really keen cast. I didn’t much like the child actors, although the online consensus is that they were really good. They did manage to draw me into the drama despite the first 5 Kim-Soo-Hyun-less episodes (I sound like his mother).

The story was compelling (a crown princess assassination that involved many other members of the royal family) and the acting was amazing (well, of course, if Kim Soo Hyun is the lead). His crying scenes are amazing, but I like the romcommy bits most of all, when he discovered Wol, and tried to keep her by his side while he determined whether or not she was the “dead” Yeon U. The corrupt officials made me really hate them (they were so stupid and bumbling, their incompetence made me more irritated than their corruption :P), but that pretty much explains why the King managed to single brainedly overthrow the opposition, since they were all idiots.

The problem I have now (the same problem I faced with Hyun Bin) is that the rest of the his work that I have not watched is too far back for them to be still torrented. They were uploaded on now extinct sites like mediafire, and nobody seeds them because they were like 4-5 years ago. On another note Hyun Bin’s movie The Fatal Encounter came out last weekend, his first work since ORDing I believe and topped the box office in Korea despite being released at the same time as Spiderman. I don’t think it’s coming here though :S so I’ll have to wait for the DVD(rip). As for KSH’s work, I’ve seen the Thieves, You From Another Star, Dream High, and now Moon Embracing the Sun. I’ve got Secretly, Greatly, but have been looking for a good link to watch Giant, Will You Come at Christmas, and Jungle Fish. He’s a relatively new actor, and it’s nice to see how much he’s grown both in his acting and his interaction with his fans now. I’ve seen clips of him with his fans a long time ago and he would hug them and stuff but considering his fan base has grown considerably since 2-3 years ago, there are probably some creepy stalkers in the mix now.

There’s not much news on him now apart from his CFs, which are appearing just about everywhere. There’s one in Junction 8 at the Face Shop, and Liangze saw one last night at Changi T2 before his flight to Frankfurt because Samsonite has signed him on. The brands he endorses are huge too, like Coca Cola, Haagen Dazs, Hyundai, Samsung, Samsonite, etc. etc. That’s probably cause they have to pay pretty hefty endorsement fees if they want to sign him, and all the products he endorses fly off the shelves thanks to all the ahjummas who ship him. Extra large endorsement deals cost about $1m, which is probably the highest fee out of all the Hallyu stars right now.

I guess you could say it’s unfair, for someone to be both good looking and talented. He’s too young for all the sunbaenim to feel jealous though :P They just watch him with interest. I have to snap out of it before I fly to Florence on Thursday to join Liangze, otherwise I foresee simply moving my drama marathon to another country :P



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