I just did this survey on the types of office speak your brain is dominated by and apparently mine is dominated by “creative speak”.
To be fair I don’t really know a lot of the metaphors there – an American office thing? We use a lot of “low hanging fruit” because well, we ARE reaching for low hanging fruit, but boiling the ocean? Running it up the flagpole? Those are totally new to me. I know once my boss used the word “synergy” and I couldn’t suppress my laughter. I think he was a little abashed about using it too. But of course no one picks up on any sort of urban cliches in my company, where the standard of English can make your jaw drop. In fact a lot of our communication is done in Chinese, and there’s nothing wrong with that, just that it may not be as comprehensible to younger people like me. There’s a lot more weird office speak in the realm of the Singaporean civil service. Things like KPIs, probably ‘ideate’ would be used a lot there, and the worst of the lot, ‘revert’. What does “soup to nuts” mean?

It’s a strange world out there.

I did posts up to the first half of May perhaps a month ago, which is good considering that all my free time is spent on “shipping” Kim Soo Hyun (omg I am turning into a 13 year old girl) and watching his dramas/films. I’ve even changed my ipad wallpaper, but not the laptop one yet. It’s rather difficult to find a high res wallpaper of him, although there are two available on ios7. Am I too old for this? Probably. Liangze doesn’t want to be caught dead using my ipad now because of the new wallpaper. I’m glad he doesn’t mind my fangirling another guy. I think most asian guys have probably resigned themselves to this phenomenon of being their girlfriends’ “back ups”. I wonder if it irks LZ that I’ve never made him my ipad wallpaper before (sounds creepy and obsessive but I’ve seen a ton of iphones and ipads whose background is a couple selfie) but any hot new Hallyu star immediately gets a prime spot on my home screen. It’s not really my fault – he’s not terribly photogenic. Which is not to say he’s ugly or anything, just that he’s incredibly uncooperative when I’m taking photos of him and always makes weird/stupid faces.

I read about housewives who paid $238 to go for his fan meeting at expo last night, which I couldn’t bring myself to go for. It was expensive, I don’t really see why I’d need to pay to see him, and well, it comes at a really bad time considering the sinking of the ferry – nearly all life in S Korea has stopped, nearly all local events including television shows and radio shows were cancelled, school was probably cancelled, and the whole nation has fallen into collective mourning and guilt/shame at their inability to do anything to save their children. Most celebrities had to cancel all promotion events, but his is a little more difficult because his promotional activities were international and people have taken leave to see him, etc.

He had an entourage of 150 security personnel in Hong Kong, which makes me wonder the lengths to which female fans would go to get close to him. They are, after all, female fans, no? I suppose they need that many security personnel to stop people from stampeding him like a Macy’s store on Black Friday. I hope he hasn’t been assaulted by anyone.


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