Angus knew that after leaving Big Lou’s coffee bar he should return to his studio, to work. His easel awaited him there, a half-finished subject staring out at him disconsolately from the canvas. He knew in which direction duty was pointing, but chose to ignore it; it had been a most unsettling morning and so, looking at his watch and realising that it was now shortly after twelve, he decided that it was lunchtime and that work could wait until the afternoon, or very possibly the evening. Some days were like that, he thought; they had “liable to be cancelled at short notice” written all over them, and this was one.

Sounds like a pretty good summary of my life at work, where the vast majority of my days are “liable to be cancelled at short notice”.

I am only just snapping out of the drama haze – finished the entire My Love from Another Star two weeks ago, proceeded to binge on Dream High, finished that too, read the recaps for both My Love and Dream High on Drama Beans (on cancelled-on-short-notice days), and will start on The Thieves, Secretly, Greatly, and Moon Embracing The Sun soon. It’s a rather slippery slope that is interfering with my wedding planning. Some bullet like updates then:

We have settled on the date for the church wedding, which is 11th July 2015
The date of the dinner banquet is 17th July 2015, Friday, which is also a public holiday (Hari Raya Puasa), so nobody has any excuse not to come. Only closer friends will be invited, and we will be filling at least 300 seats.

The hotel we chose in the end was The Regent, because of their really nicely designed wedding themes, great ballroom, wheelchair access, great menu (9 course chinese dinner). I haven’t yet decided if I want a Peking duck stand during the cocktail reception, which appears to be in vogue now. It’s $1500++ for about 20 ducks, which comes with the chef slicing and rolling those rice crepes with hoisin sauce for you outside the ballroom. The Regent’s cocktail area is also well-appointed, with plenty of sofas and coffee tables for those who want to sit. Almost everywhere else requires the guests to stand, which doesn’t seem to make much sense especially if they need 70% of the attendance to arrive before they open the ballroom doors :S I’ll need to appoint someone really pushy/bossy (Rebecca?) to try to shovel all the people into the ballroom on time.

I’ve sent a letter out to our potential MC :P asking him to render his services although I have no idea what the job entails, and as far as we are concerned, shouldn’t really involve a whole lot. I am probably going to try to hire Jordan to play the piano at the dinner for me, if not, Annaliza, to sing.

Bibs and Hwee and us have discussed the possibility of seating people by IQ, just as a social experiment. Most people dread wedding dinners because they have to sit with total strangers and conversation will be stilted, a problem that would be easily eradicable if everyone were of the same wavelength. We could also have half the room playing boardgames/mahjong at their tables, those who are the same sort as us. Not very sure how to entertain the rest of the people who don’t like board games or thinking in general.

SO I am at the stage where i should really be designing my Save the Dates on Paperless post. We’ve already put the deposit on the ballroom ($9000!) and signed the letter of agreement. Yesterday when I wasn’t busy watching Kim Soo-Hyun filled dramas I was downloading a bunch of hipster/script fonts to design the invites. That said, if any of you need me to design your wedding invites for you I’ll be more than happy to do so.

As for the photos, I wasn’t really going to do them (expensive, and I am sort of averse to being photographed), but we have settled on an economical option, which is to pay LZ’s cousin (ggy) to take some shots of us while we road trip with him in Washington (he’s working at Microsoft, which is like a 20 min drive from our school). We haven’t asked him yet though but I can’t imagine him saying no. Thing is, I want him to do the shots on the actual day as well and I don’t know if he will make it back. I am also somewhat trying to cap the photography cost at about $1k. Obviously if he came to the wedding he would be shooting anyway, just that now he has to show up for some extra events, like the tea ceremony and the make up session and this and that.

Everything seems to be tripping along alright so far vis a vis advance planning, which is great because I need some downtime to watch all my dramas and then do our trip to Italy and then get all the scholarship administration (deed signing, applying for the visa) out of the way. We sent UW our Gannett records so in effect do not need to sit through a medical examination to attend school there. And I was looking forward to some time-off from work do a medical check-up D:

Oh yes, the quote that started this post was taken from Alexander McCall Smith’s ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Scones’. He’s a great one for writing about food. The first book of his I read was ‘The Perfect Hamburger’ when I was a little kid going to Yishun Library. You can see that greediness starts early. Strangely enough, every time I think of the Perfect Hamburger I think of the McDonald’s cheeseburger because I don’t like too much meat in my burger, and they have pretty sour ketchup and the right smidge of mustard, and the burger actually fits in your mouth, which is something that can’t be said for all the gourmet burgers nowadays.

[New movement to flood my blog with pictures of Kim Soo Hyun :P which raises my happiness index]



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