My Love From Another Star

I’ve been totally out of everything ever since my download of My Love From Another Star finished. It’s amazing!! I’m so happy I only found out about it after the season ended so I can binge watch it. I finished 14 episodes from Saturday to Sunday and watched another 2 episodes last night.

This series is slightly different because each episode has an epilogue – sometimes after the trailer for the next episode (which meant that I skipped quite a few epilogues cause I basically stop watching after the episode ends.) Then I was reading the recaps on dramabeans (they have great stills) and realized that there were epilogues which were totally new material, so I watched all the epilogues last night.

The lead male character is an alien from another star (as the title suggests) but looks human and can do all sorts of human things, and then some. He’s extremely cold to the girl who likes him (who is a famous actress in the show), and always says things emotionlessly, never indicating how much he feels for her (until the recent episode). He also teaches anthropology/sociology at the local university, and delivers deadpan lectures about all the foibles of the human race.

“Jealousy is a base emotion. It is felt by people with low self-esteem. It is an emotion from infanthood, felt when a mother pays attention to another child, and it is borne out of a fear of losing something. Thus adults who act on this emotion regress to a childish state.”

The alien has lived for about 400 years on earth without aging, and because he underwent arsenic poisoning (by humans) while his comet was leaving the earth (not to return for another 400 years), he was unable to return to his home planet. His view on humankind is detached and emotionless, because of past experiences in his 400 years on earth that have taught him that people fear him and condemn him when he reveals his powers (ability to teleport, super-sensitive hearing, telekinesis, etc.) Not only that, humans die within a short span of time, whereas he never ages, and cannot be killed.

And he is super cute! I feel bad saying this because I feel disloyal towards my last celebrity crush (Hyun Bin). Well he went to the army, and shows no inclination towards making any more romcoms (bleah) so what am I to do? When I watched the first episode I thought the alien was pretty ugly, like too much hair covered his face and his lips are oddly shaped. He also adapted the Kim Ju-Won hairstyle from Secret Garden but seems to carry it off worse than Hyun Bin. I think objectively speaking Hyun Bin looks better than Kim Soo Hyun, but I told liangze that by the end of the drama I’d be totally in love with the lead actor, and I wasn’t wrong. I didn’t even need to reach the end of the drama for me to be hopelessly in love with him, which only says something about how humans fall in love through close proximity more than anything else. If you see enough of a girl (or guy, as the case may be), long enough to have fallen for her (or him), odds are she might feel something for you too. I think this is especially true when you see each other every day, which is why road trips and going on vacations with people of the opposite sex make one especially susceptible to falling in love. Perhaps I fell for Liangze because I saw him every single day in class in Spring semester of ’10 – in combinatorics and also in religious studies.

Back to my alien, he’s cute when he gets jealous. But one of the k-drama rules of alien-human relationships is that he cannot exchange blood or saliva with humans, or he will fall extremely sick (fever, increased heart rate). Which in turn translates to no kissing the girl he likes (Jeon Ji-Hyun). And the entire universe of k-drama fangirls is crushed. He did it twice in the show (so far) and fainted immediately after D:

I think the Koreans have truly perfected the archetypal male character that all asian girls go crazy over – he is Asian, with extremely Asian-y features, no white blood or anything. He is tall (at least 180cm) and slim, but not skinny or wan – there is always an obligatory broody shower scene to show off the character’s abs. Most importantly, he is rich, and has a beautiful house, usually a bachelor pad – he never lives with his parents, always by himself, and always keeps the house spotlessly clean and has a bit of OCD about it. He’s usually portrayed to love his house more than the girl, who is somehow always a messy, nodame type of person who trashes the place whenever she sleeps over (and there are always excuses to sleep over). A lot of dramas portray the lead male picking up after the female’s mess, be it mandarin peels or takeout containers – perhaps korean guys like messy girls?

I guess the sad, unavoidable part about falling for characters like these is that there are never any of them in real life, so there is no way to resolve this fan dream. It could be that I’m not hanging around the right circles but I don’t know a single young guy who wears fitted suits everywhere, uses guy make up, and is both cute and suave at the same time. Forget knowing, I don’t even see them on the streets – most singaporean guys just don’t quite pay much (any) attention to personal grooming. I’m a fine one to talk, I know, but there have even been complaints by ang mohs on Quora about how guys here don’t use deodorant and let me tell you, that is not a laughing matter in a tropical country.

This drama, and most romcom k-dramas sort of express this notion that girls like guys who are cold and aloof to them (based on casting and on the actor’s character in the script). I think the main draw of such characters is that they keep their feelings close to their chest, and when they do show even a smidgen of affection, it means a lot more than if it were from a guy who just goes around being gentlemanly and caring by default.

So I watched 1.5 episodes on Friday night, another 6.5 episodes on Saturday night (after a pretty tiring day of worship practice in the morning, meeting C&C for lunch at Clarke Quay, and then going for an SSO concert at night) until 5:30am, slept till 7:15am when we had to wake up for church, continued to watch another 2 episodes in the afternoon after church and lunch with mingsee and fabio, took a 1.5 hr nap, had dinner, and watched 4 more episodes until 4:30am. Got up at 8am on Monday for work, and was busy reading recaps all day until we had to go for yet another worship practice (this time for Good Friday) at 8pm, got home at 10:40pm, and only managed to watch all the epilogues and 2 episodes till 2am before I was totally knackered. It’s like a scary sort of addiction, and I’ve reached a point in the drama (episode 16) where I want to be careful to spread things out because it’s ending! There are only 21 episodes, and each is an hour long (without ads).

I hate delayed gratification!

Time to change my wallpaper :P



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