HWL should really stop posting interesting slashdot articles during working hours because it severely stagnates my productivity lol. Like if I were feeling particularly diligent on a particular day, if he posts something that looks even remotely interesting, that spirit of eternal optimism wrt getting work done will just be shelved for another day :S

Here is a question from the Interview of John McAfee in the interview linked above:
by Anonymous Coward

Has there been any new developments or investigation into the fire that burned down your compound? Do you still maintain the government was involved? Since there was never charges brought against you in the murder case, would you go back?

McAfee: The fire was never investigated. Investigation as a method of solving crimes is a novel idea that has not yet caught on in Belize, or much of Central America for that matter. Police investigators are engaged primarily in uncovering indiscretions within the general population for which they can demand money for keeping their mouths shut – an intricate and beautiful art that reached its zenith with incarnation of J. Edgar Hoover here in in America.

What does happen, and it seems to work reasonably well, is that when a crime is committed, a random person who everyone believes should belong in jail is arrested. Sometimes more than one. If the person or persons, does not have an airtight alibi, such as being in attendance at some other jail during the time of the crime, or performing at a live concert with hundreds of people watching during the time of the crime, then the person, or persons, is charged and generally goes to jail. Exceptions are relatives and friends of powerful people who are never charged for anything under any circumstances, even if an entire town witnesses them engaging in any illegal act, including murder. Local judges are instructed in how to decide cases by the most powerful person in the town and it all seems to work smoothly and efficiently. In the case of the fire that consumed my property, a woman who was a neighbor of mine was arrested. She is a nice lady who happened to refuse the advances of the local political party representative and was chosen for discipline. I refused to press charges and she was released.

Of course the government was involved. And of course I would never go back.
I never knew the founder of one of the world’s most popular antiviruses had such an interesting backstory.



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