Day 2 in Seattle

9:00am: Woke up, sent receipts by email to Rose for reimbursements, and arranged an appointment with her that morning. He zipped all our soft copy receipts for her which she had some problems unzipping with her mac :S I’ve always wondered what school administrative staff do – how can they not even know how to unzip a zipped file?
10:00am: Packed up, checked out. LZ repaired the spoilt zip on our duffle bag (it was lying open the entire flight from Denver to SeaTac). We also lost the Victorinox knife his parents gave him when they came back from Europe last year. :S It had fallen into the pink carry on but we didn’t see it? And then it got confiscated at HK Airport security. Damn.
11:30am: To UDub, Padelford, to sign the reimbursement form at Rose’s Office. We didn’t get a parking coupon, so LZ hovered in the car outside Padelford while I submitted all our forms. She was pretty efficient, but regarded me quite suspiciously when I told her I wanted to put the majority of our reimbursement in a check to my name ($375 out of $400) :P Later when LZ went to sign his reimbursement she asked him if that was ok :P

We drove about school for awhile to see what it looked like in the sunlight :P I think I’ll like going to school here – all the buildings are really pretty.

12:00pm: Off to Fremont for lunch at Paseo! So I thought it was perhaps a sitdown establishment, it’s not. It’s famous for it sandwiches, and they were a real treat. There was also a long queue in the middle of the day, the only thing that marks this restaurant (they don’t even have a signboard with their name on it). There were incredible smells emanating from it though, which marked it, and we learnt that you can call in your order!

[This is the only sign near the little shack that indicates that it’s Paseo, and it’s not even on Paseo property]

We tried the caribbean roast – super tender pork sholder, perhaps a tad too much meat, with ginormous onion slices and their secret recipe aioli on a baguette. We also got the grilled scallops sandwich – lots of asian flavours in this one, chopped ginger and garlic. This place also does not accept credit card, but at least sandwiches are cheap – everything with a can of coke cost < $20.

LZ moved the car in front of the next door laundromat and the service worker in the laundromat stared at us a little (parking there is not allowed for non-customers! So we got a bit squirmy and he tried to start the car to move it elsewhere, but it wouldn't start! I was mildly panicking – to be stuck there and obviously a Paseo customer (aioli and dribbles from the extremely moist pork shoulder all over our mouths) and not a laundromat customer without the ability to start the car to move it out of the laundromat parking lot was the LAST situation I wanted to be in. Eventually the car started and we drove it further away to enjoy our sandwiches. Warning: Your hands will get really greasy. I really want to try the caribbean melt the next time, as well as their meat over rice.

After lunch we headed to the Kate Spade store in downtown Seattle to get my ring changed. He hovered at the loading zone outside the mall for about 10 mins – they were right quick about it and didn’t even require a receipt!

1:00pm: We drove back to the University Village for a second round of shopping (the close scrutiny round). This was only possible because we’d finally decided to check in 2 luggages instead of one (previously we had been nesting one entire suitcase into another suitcase, which made our one mega suitcase really heavy. Jet Blue actually flies your first checked bag for free! Weird that I’ve never flown them before that I can remember.

We’d already perused Pottery Barn and William Sonoma, but this time we headed to Crate & Barrel (I got his mum an acacia salt cellar, some beautiful notebooks handmade in Nepal, etc. – It’s tough shopping with the constraint that you’ll be back to live in the fall. We also checked out Room & Board, Mrs. Cook’s, Red Mango, Fireworks ( a hippie shop), Papyrus, and finally stopped for a bite at Pallino, a pastaria that does quick & easy pastas, somewhat like Vapiano’s.

I guess the cold + shopping + no breakfast combination really works up an appetite! It was nice to have a sit down in a warm restaurant instead of traipsing around in the cold. I managed to write Mildred a birthday card that we got from the St Jacob’s Farmer’s Market. We just sat and rested for a bit since we had not booked a hotel room for the next night (which we would spend on the plane), so some sit down time was in order.

After Pallino we ambled into QFC to see what kind of grocery store it was – a pretty massive one, it turns out! Not as extensive as Wegman’s, but still better than a Tops. They’ve got live Dungenuess crab ($10.99/lb) and Boston lobster ($19.99/lb) – daylight robbery! But I like crab better than lobster anyway. We also found the smooth operator peanut butter here, which we got from Hr, and 2 bags of cashew nut clusters to get cash back (after Paseo had depleted our supply)

4:30pm: After shopping around the University Village, we decided to check out some of the environs (not too far, since we were flying off to Boston that night). So we drove up to the Green Lake (maybe a 20 minute drive?) Walked around the lake for awhile people watching and bird watching. The lake has a lot of coots and a lot of joggers, and a pretty nice sunset to boot. It’s even got a beachy bit with shells even though it’s a lake (?).

6:00pm: When the sun was setting we headed to Alaskan Way (where the Crab Pot is) to get some good shots of the boats at the docks, the ferris wheel, and the mountains in the distance, at sunset. It was really beautiful.

8:00pm: Finally got a seat at Ivar’s. They have a really nice gift shop, and also really nice clams (as featured in their slogan.)
10:00pm: Returned the car to Fox and checked into our flight at SeaTac
11:30pm: En route to Boston!



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