Day 1 in Seattle

We reached SeaTac around 11:30am on Monday. Everything ran like clockwork, collecting the car, collecting our baggage, only thing was, the GPS took a long time to find us on account of the cloudiness :P We had to pull into a gas station after driving out of the rental carpark just to wait for a signal!

The proprietor of the University Motel Suites was really nice and let us in early. After dumping most of the luggage we’d need in the room (it had two bedrooms AND a kitchen. I could live there for the long term) we went out to forage for food nearby. There’s a little collegetown like attachment to the university (which looked super fugly on first impression, especially the tall brown building with the big W on it). One of the popular Thai restaurants there (Tom Thai, or something like that) had a pretty long queue and didn’t accept credit/debit cards :S Really? How much is the fee anyway? So we just walked into a random relatively vacant and decent looking restaurant (Zen Noodle Bar), which was rather meh.

They do pretty good braised eggs though!

The rain got really heavy during (and after) lunch, so we had to buy an umbrella just to get to campus! Really bad decision to not drive to school. And American Apparel sell their large umbrellas for $24 -.- The small portable ones that we could potentially bring to Boston and leave with Hr were like $33. Daylight robbery!

LZ and I split up (our meeting with Dan in Padelford was about 30 mins apart) so we could meet up then I guess. He’d found this combinatorics graduate class for me to crash, so I trundled on to Benson Hall (running 10 minutes late) and very embarrassedly pushed the door open into the class. Everybody stared at me (I hate showing up for classes late. Like most of the time I’d rather NOT go for the class than be late) and the professor said “I think you have the wrong class..” they must have thought I was an idiot, showing up to class wrong just as the semester was winding up. Gosh. She told me it was a freaking Chem Eng class, which makes sense, because I was in the Chem Eng building. But LZ had assured me that it was there and he looked it up online. Only he had looked up Spring Quarter and UW was still in their Winter Quarter. That little twerp! If I want anything done right I have to do it myself. Honestly. I know he’s not a details person but I can’t count how many times stuff has been screwed up precisely because he’s more of a “big picture” person. To be fair Dan sent a schedule that was for the Spring Quarter too -.-

So I left the Chem Eng building (after drying off a bit) and walked about campus awhile. Found The Hub, which is like a student center with food and entertainment and bowling and pool tables and ATMs, I guess it’s the equivalent of Willard Straight, but a lot more modern. Found a bunch of really nice cards and books in their bookstore and got a sociology book for Hr and a bar of tomato soap for LZ (it doesn’t smell like tomato at all :S)

Ze actually made it for his class, because the class he had planned to crash is one of those sequence classes that runs from Winter to Spring. How lucky for him -.- and he managed to squeeze some time in the grad lounge to chat with the grad students there. It would have been helpful to talk about their workload and the exams and other bits about how they liked it here but mostly, according to him, all they talked about was food. Like at one point, one of the students actually had to tell him “We don’t talk about food all of the time” lol. They were discussing the berries that could be picked around Seattle and discussing if cloudberries were edible. I think I’m going to like it there!

[Fern in the math dept building]

I managed to meet up with S.B., who told me about her work with Schubert varieties. Then I took Ze around the campus, to the Hub, and then we went to look at some housing options before heading back to the motel to look for a nice place for dinner and a Kate Spade store to exchange my engagement ring lol.

[The collegetown north of campus]

At 6:30pm we drove to the malls at University Village – they have everything. Literally. Red Mango, Papyrus, Crate & Barrel, AND it’s higher end counterpart, Room & Board, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Din Tai Fung. Excellent shopping options. I picked up some aromatherapy diffuser refills from Pottery Barn and a can of crepe mix from Williams Sonoma (on request of Gracia) and then we drove off to Alaskan Way to have Low Country Boil at the Crab Pot!

I really like this town. Even the rainy weather. I like rain. You can’t be properly depressed and artistic when it’s bright out and everyone you know is throwing a frisbee around, but you can really mope when it’s rainy, and also be happy when it’s rainy, especially if you’re an indoorsy sort like me :) The weather is also not too cold, and the grass is bright green. And spring has already arrived here –

you can see the blue bells and the crocuses and the daffodils poking out, even while the rest of eastern and central america are still covered in snow. The one thing you won’t have is the sense of community people in the East Coast have when they get together to collectively gripe about their weather.



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