Day 3 in Boulder (Part Two) – The Days Are Just Packed

First, a general birthday shout out to a very special person: Happy Birthday Hanrong! You’re 27 this year! Gosh that’s old. :P May you find happiness (if not through relationships, then through hard work :P) this year. The last time your age was a power of 3 was 18 years ago! May you live to see the next power!

So here’s the continuation of our Boulder romp with Raghu on the sunday he was supposed to be working on his problem set :P

After we hiked up and down Flagstaff, we decided to drive to a nearby lake just to check out the view. This is all based on what the gps was showing to be nearby us on Rags’ smartphone. I wonder how tourists used to travel in the 90s without all this new-fangled technology.

We parked near this fire department (just a shack containing a fire truck actually) near Kossler Lake and spotted these wild pheasant (or turkey?) They were pretty huge and travelled in a huge bunch. Perhaps they were owned by the fire department.

There was a huge fence around Kossler lake – apparently it’s private property? I guess you can own a lake – I’ve fished at plenty of private lakes in the Ithaca area. But the view looked too good to resist (being blocked by a barbed wire fence). I spent about 3 minutes contemplating if I wanted to violate the law for a good photo op – nobody was watching anyway so over the fence we went!

Tell me you wouldn’t have done the same.

Kossler lake was beautiful, especially with the view of the two mountains in the background and the lake half frozen. Lots of blues and greens in our Boulder photos.

After the lake, we drove around for a bit looking for Gross Reservoir – a much larger body of water. Spotted a whole row of mailboxes to serve all the houses in the area to save the postman all the trouble of navigating these difficult mountain roads.

And we stopped occasionally outside several homesteads to take a photo of their view. It would be so amazing to live up here. Right now the gameplan would be to study in Washington and perhaps to do a postdoc or teach in Boulder.

This was some sort of horse ranch. We didn’t see any horses though.

Here’s the hilltop view of Gross Reservoir. Most of it is frozen over.

We trekked down from the top of that hill right to the water’s edge.

They really are like Calvin and Hobbes, but a better-behaved version that is much nicer to girls lol.

Here is Raghu throwing rocks at the ice to try to dislodge air bubbles or to break the humongous slab of ice floating on the lake.

And here are all his failed attempts lol. The ice simply refused to break.

A beautiful mirror like sheet.

The ice all around the edge is thawing slowly. Spring might drop in for a short visit this year after all!

Here we are after all the hiking, ravenous and tired, and finally down from the mountain. No new revelations or insights :P

I took this while L was driving us to the brasserie for (yet another) happy hour :P. It’s blurry but I still really like the photo because of the cute little trees.

At Brasserie TenTen on the recommendation of R’s roommate. We had a lovely time, a lovely end to a lovely day, and are already missing our favourite vegetarian/movie buddy/partner in crime/plus three big time. Good thing Seattle is only a 2 hour flight away!!

p.s. I just realized that the club comprising Calvin & Hobbes shares the same name as the reservoir! Get Rid Of Slimy girlS! lol.



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