Day 2 in Boulder (Part One)

Woke up at: 7am+

Ate at Foolish Craig’s Cafe on the recommendation of the hotel proprietor – the portions are huge – hungover food, I’ll bet. It is obviously a college place – we got in on a saturday morning around 9am and there was a queue! We ordered

– The Foolish Craig crepe – these crepes are not crepes/galettes as we known them in Singapore/France, with minimal ingredients held together with cheese, but an open faced crepe with a crap lot of stuff dunked into it like potatoes and mushrooms and scrambled eggs. It was pretty crazy. We had it with cheesy grits on the side.

– Crab cake Benedict – These were actually really good crab cakes! With a decent Hollandaise sauce and a massive amount of home fries.

The service staff were pretty efficient despite it being so crowded. After Foolish Craig’s we headed down to the math lounge to join the school tour (and to look like we were quite serious about the grad day).

[Giant slide rule in the math lounge]
The guide (Erica, the lead TA) walked reaallly fast and I could barely keep up, what with all the phototaking. I was always trailing behind all the other students (at least by 10 steps), so it was not clear if we were with them or not.

[View from the math lounge]

We bumped into Erica 2 more times that weekend – once on Saturday, while leaving Gamow Hall (the 11 storey tower, on top of which is the Physics lounge), which affords a panoramic view of the mountains all around Boulder), and then a second time at the happy hour at Brasserie TenTen. Erica is kinda cute and bubbly and when she meets us she always goes “Hello Prospective Math Grad Students!” like we’re her little chicks or something.


OK, so CUBoulder has an awesome campus. Really. Everything is so stylish in that red stone style (if a bit uniform). The school buildings were so archaic and modern at the same time, a bit like Brunel, but way prettier. Plus, you can see the mountains (Flatirons) from campus! Boulder has a 3-storey rule for buildings in order to protect the unobstructed view of the mountains.

Most notably, the CUBoulder gym is amazing.

[The olympic sized pool]

[Where you can spin while watching cute guys swim in the Olympic sized pool]

The basketball courts overlook the mountains – you literally look out at them when you play/exercise.

The student center shows the occasional free movie (right now it’s Frozen)

and houses several chain restaurants – Dominoes, Cold Stone Creamery, etc., but I didn’t see anything in the school bookstore worth picking up.

We also visited the library, which has

this great inscription, as well as


After the school tour we thanked Erica and sort of discreetly slunk off to pick Raghu up to go to Whole Foods :P



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