Day 4 in Ithaca (Mar 5th, cont’d)

It’s my parents’ anniversary today! We are bringing them to Rakuichi for lunch on saturday.

This page on Quora has been keeping me entertained while I am on MC from work because of a bout of flu. That, and compiling a spreadsheet comparing the 5 hotels I am looking at for our wedding dinner.

After finding my professors in Malott, I went to the math library to look for Lz but he was still talking to KD or CM, so I went to the copy room to pop off an engagement announcement, the semi-old-fashioned way, to Ron because his email address is still stored in the Malott copier! Heehee. I finally found LZ in Muscalu’s office and we we went for a short school tour because the car was parked at Noyes language center across the foot bridge.

We started walking in the garden next to the Big Red Barn, where Strichartz holds fort in his little gnome chair every spring.

Still no winter maintenance. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve slipped and fallen here while walking home in the winter.

Cornell is always so pretty after snow. Another hazardous flight of stairs.

The miniature waterfall in the Ruth Uris garden all frozen over, but with water running underneath. Not a single crocus in sight!

LZ kept bugging me to take pictures of the running water.

In case you miss the campus too. Here’s the path to Rockefeller from Uris.

The main road through campus was closed!

It was freezing cold, so we crossed the road to Goldwin Smith, took a few photos in the Hollis auditorium (which smells the same)

I don’t really remember having a class here. Oh! I guess sociology 101 is here. Occasionally Cru.

The bright green blackboards in Goldwin Smith where we had many a first year writing seminar.

The arts quad in the snow

Then we crossed over to Lincoln to find their copy of Cafe Music in the library to scan – I had lost my copy (in fact when I performed it at Cornell with Graeme and Ted I believe I played from the original). It remains my favourite piece of trio music, but it was checked out. Next time! Or perhaps I’ll just buy the original for myself.

I always thought the music building had one of the poshest interiors in the whole school.

Never had any classes in here that I can remember, but I have walked into it mistaking it for Morrill, which is where a lot of my Italian classes were.

Publicity for Dragon Day going up

Onwards we went o’er hill and under vale, past Sibley to the Thurston bridge. And the fences are gone!

Now they have nets.

I’ve never hiked down to the gorge, something I still regret I suppose. There’s time yet, I’ll probably be back to visit one Summer! And stay to be a summer chimesmaster and everything.

blurry picture of the other side of Thurston bridge

We found the car at Noyes and drove to RPCC for…

a F’real!

Wish they had the chocolate ones though. And f’reals were not really appropriate for the freezing weather but it’s just one of those things you gotta do when you’re back at RPCC. Wouldn’t have minded ordering teriyaki wings or something but Chris was making Southern fried chicken tonight ~

Nasties smells exactly the same. The same orange cream muffins I used to get from Trillium, the same old cheesy smell, and the same old Cornell dairy chocolate milk! It’s waaay chocolatier than the Wegman’s one, although my hands down favourite chocolate milk in Ithaca of all time is Byrne Dairy’s. I don’t mean to be a snob, but there it is.

We finally headed back to Bald Hill Road and were greeted by a beautiful sunset. Lz let me out of the car to take pictures :)

So it turned out that Chris had outdone herself again and created an absolute feast in the time we were gallivanting!

She knows her deviled eggs are my favourite, so she always makes them when she’s cooking a special meal :)

A beautiful mini asparagus salad. I think this one was from the P&C

She even got out the good lace tablecloth and the no drip candlesticks for me.

Mashed potatoes I whipped with a 148ml can of carnation milk (removed from the box of Carnation’s Lemon bread mix so I wouldn’t have to carry evaporated milk back to singapore with me when we can get it here). I generally prefer carnation milk to sour cream as a mashed potato creamer.

Some random bits of bok choy she stir fried just to have the bok choy roses as garnish :P

And she’d stopped by the liquor store! To get something bubbly to celebrate our engagement.

Unfortunately both rich and I have the tastebuds of children and prefer coke and orange cream soda to champagne :P

Here’s the ultimate chocolate cake she bought from Wegman’s, so I needn’t have gone to Sarah’s Patisserie after all!

Saved the best for last – her southern fried chicken was amazing. I can’t remember what breading she used, but it was very good. I’ve never really had this fresh and not from a fast food store too.

Remind me again why we only celebrate birthdays once a year?
Rich accosted me as I was setting his table and asked to see my hand. “Is this the ring?” he said, and then he grinned and patted my back and said “Congratulations” in that lovely fatherly lilt he has and I loved him so much in that instant. He’s like the father I never had, and I really take after him too! Antisocial, self-effacing, quiet, needs a lot of notice before doing something social, likes pepperoni pizza over all the other pizza flavours, and would rather have a cold can of coke than a glass of champagne… He even brought out his secret stash of chocolate ice cream for us to eat with the chocolate cake.

I’ve never had anyone prepare a whole meal in my honour before, and such an elaborate one at that! Champagne, cake, the good lace table linen, no drip candles, people I love dearly sitting with me – it was, as Lou Reed puts it, just a perfect day.



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